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Welcome to Jappleng!

You may be asking yourself, who or what is Jappleng and what is its purpose? What is this wiki, clubs and so on..? This is the place to start!

Our Mission What we do
We want to provide an amazing website to those interested in the Japanese language, lifestyle, and culture. The closer to Japan you can get from your screen, the better! (And perhaps you will find yourself in Japan one day!)

What Notable Sections are there here?
Good question! While there are a few sections available right now, many more will become available soon (As they were during our beta release).

Learn Japanese / Education

Learn Japanese or about the Japanese culture through many of our navailable courses. All courses at the moment are free to use. In the nfuture, we hope to entice teachers around the world to use our learning nmanagement system to accelerate people's education.

Club Jappleng

Create and join clubs around the world with Club Jappleng. It doesn't have to be strictly school club activities or study groups, but anything you would like such as fan clubs.There are no limit to how many clubs you can create or join. Have fun!

Practice & Games
Ever wanted to learn Japanese with games? This is the section for you. Our game library may be small at first but we are developing many new games to make learning a lot more interesting.

J-Spot Social and Other Community Feature
Don't like Facebook or Twitter so much but want a nice friendly community to socialize with? Our rules aren't strict and you may RP if you desire. Non weird spying and data collection like the big guys do, we just want to have a good time.

We also have our own chat application and we will work towards improving the website and content over time.

What is the brief history of Jappleng?
Jappleng originally released in January 2006 as a blog. It has gone through various transitions and became the world\'s most popular J-Community forums in 2007. In 2008 Jappleng had shutdown due to the owner unable to find time to work on it much, and it returned in 2012 as a more advanced services.

In 2014 development of a new Jappleng was pushed with significantly better features and by June 2017 Jappleng was ready to be used. However it did not support mobile and super resolution devices and as a result needed improvements again. There was no time ton implement these features until January 2018.

Late February 2018, Jappleng released as you see today. While most features cannot be used or seen, nor are most section available; in the eventual time should the website become more popular, these sections and features will return.

"It was a wild ride, a concept that came about in 2005 at a time when I had virtually no knowledge of web development, finally became a reality in 2018. It took many revisions, but if people use it and can benefit from it, then it was well worth it."- Mark (Creator of Jappleng)
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