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Jappleng Code of Conduct

By participating on Jappleng you must abide to uphold our rules and we expect you to conduct yourself appropriately.

The Rules:
  1. Do not harass others (And No really means No)
  2. RP is permitted eRP isn't, [See our official stance here]
  3. Tag mature content appropriately and avoid Posting against our Policy [What is Mature Content?]
  4. Be mindful of the DNP list, artists are people too! [Link to DNP List]
  5. Do not vandalize people's Clubs, J-Blogs, Feeds, Forums etc... Meaning don't junk spam
  6. Don't Spam links / using Jappleng to promote your product/services [Link S.P.A.M. Info]
  7. Do not pose as a Jappleng official staff member
  8. Do not post anything illegal
  9. No Warez / Crackz / etc...
  10. Don't try to hack Jappleng and don't use exploits. Don't tell others about said exploits if you ever find one. Instead, tell an official GM.

Not rules but Good Practice:

  • Treat others as you would have them treat you, hopefully with dignity and respect.
  • Be polite and understanding that we are all unique and come from different parts of the world with different ways of life.
  • Avoid politics as much as possible, your views are not more important than others and there's already other platforms to express your enthusiasm. Of course some political discussion are important as they are unavoidable, we recommend avoiding making an account strictly for this.
  • We value free speech but we penalize those whom harass others for the sake of a sane community. Say what you will but don't cry to us when the community backlashes at hate threads for instance, that is your own undoing.

Penalties for breaking the rules:

There are different rules with different levels of severity all held within. Depending on how severe the rule is, a penalty could be a 24 or 48hr account ban or a full-fledged ban on the account and user in question with no reconciliation. We will send an E-Mail during the suspension.

If the account has been hacked, you may reconcile and we will investigate as we log pertinent information regarding the users for quality control. In this event we will work with you to restore your account.


You agree to be at least 13 years of age and have agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Jappleng is likely not suitable for those under the age of 13. Adult content is not permitted however online communities such as ours are subject to individuals who may like to break rules and we are not legally responsible for any outcome this may result in. We will do what we can to remove this content when discovered. You also agree that you cannot control the information stored in your cookie by us as outlined in our Cookies information page but may control whether or not you permit us to use Google Analytics and/or other third party services. You also agree that you will not hold Jappleng and its owner(s) and/or staff accountable for any actions done by other users on the site and must report infringing content as noticed. By using Jappleng, you agree to all this and to follow our Code of Conduct (Rules) as outlined on this page.

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