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Jappleng Code of Conduct



Here are the basic rules that must be followed while utilizing Jappleng services. Of course, you are expected to have accepted the Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy but there are also rules beyond this that must be followed. They are pretty straight-forward and more rules will be added if they need to be added.

Please keep in mind that we do not actively monitor user created content as we try to preserve user privacy as best we can. Please use the report feature to report any infringing content you may find. We reserve the right to modify and remove content if we deem it necessary. If we notice users breaking the rules we may give a warning and may suspend the offender’s services momentarily or permanently.

For the peace of the community, please abide by the following rules.


Rule #1 – Be respectful / No Drama

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be disrespected and neither does anybody else. While this may be subjective on what is and isn’t considered disrespecting behavior, we ask that you do not continue to harass other members. The simple rule of thumb here is that you should treat other people here as they are your real-life friends. If they upset you, just move on and don’t cause unnecessary drama. If someone asks you to stop or corrects you, please be respectful of their wishes. People will not be warned or suspended for disrespecting someone but if it turns into something bigger such as continued harassment then we'll have to intervene.


Rule #2 – Don’t discriminate

This rule should go without saying but please don’t hate people because of their color, religion, sexual orientation, creed and so on. We will investigate reports on a case-by-case basis and evaluate the proper outcome based on the best of our abilities. Discrimination in this sense does not mean to gate people due to their inability to speak your language, carry the same interest as you etc… In this context, it means to harass others in a derogatory manner. You are free to allow / deny anyone from your own clubs, private chat rooms, friend lists etc...


Rule #3 – Don’t abuse the maturity filter

We have a maturity filter which filters swears, and content based on whether it is deemed for age restricted content. The purpose of the maturity filter is not to turn Jappleng into a porn host but to provide an opportunity for people to speak their mind without being censored. Likewise, we understand that certain topics can be gray-area and since Jappleng hosts a wide variety of people with different background interests, we want to provide a more open platform for users to post content especially art that they have drawn.

Knowing this, we ask that when you do post content that may be offensive for those under the legal age of 18, then you tag your posts appropriately with a maturity filter flag. Failure to do this may result in your content remove/edited and you may be warned or suspended temporarily or indefinitely.

Rule #4 – Don’t post illegal content

  1. We’re not a black-market website, do not post illegal content.
  2. Likewise, be warned that Jappleng is not to be used for Erotic Role-Play (eRP). Why? There are people using this service that are underage and pretend to be adults. Normally we do not care about your chat content, however in this instance you shouldn’t do it for the safety of others and yourself. You may also not be allowed to use any of our services to link others to eRP services.
  3. Warez, Crackz, and other pirated content is not to be posted here as well.


Rule #5 – Do not post Blacklisted content

There are a few things that classify as Blacklisted content

  1. Copyrighted Material such as Manga scans, Music and Videos
  2. Fan-Art or artwork made by others whom you did not have explicit permission to post.
  3. Written works by other publishers including but not limited to News Agencies and Education Institutions.
  4. Illegal content (Rule #4)

Some illustrators and authors will give permission to post their content on other websites, sometimes with limitations such as requiring a link back or you can only quote one paragraph for example. We have prepared a database of individuals who may file complaints that their work is found on Jappleng and content from those authors are not to be redistributed. Failure to comply with this may result in the content removed and your account warned or suspended.


Rule #6 – Do not use Jappleng for Solicitation

No one likes unwanted advertisements and on Jappleng we’ve spent over 15 years without publishing ads. We ask that nobody publishes their website, service, or product on our website without written consent. We are always looking for sponsors to help alleviate the hosting and maintenance costs of the site but spamming our website will result in all your flagged content removed and an immediate suspension of your account and you may not even notice it happened (shadow banned).


Rule #7 – Do not abuse our services

Jappleng is an independently run service and we do not have the staff or funds to make everything perfect. That does not mean we don’t try. Much of the code is used to secure people’s personal information and every transaction on the website including the submission of content. There is a lot of validation processes involved. Should you ever discover an exploit, do not publicize it but send a GM a private message or send us an E-Mail notifying us about it. 

Exploiting our services isn’t just some little hack but abusing our leniency.  For example, the purpose of J-Coins is to provide motivation to improve yourself with Japanese and make using our services more exciting. It isn’t intended to be a perfect form of currency. Systems have been placed to prevent most of the abuse, but it may be possible to exploit J-Coins somehow. We monitor all J-Coin transactions and can audit them at a moment’s notice. If you have found an exploit, please let us know in private. Individuals actively abusing the system will have their account suspended (permanently) and their records audited for gifted items. Gifted items may be removed from those who have received them.


Rule #8 – No Vandalism!

Do not vandalize other people’s content such as Chat Rooms, Clubs, Images, Blogs, Forums etc.… This means you shouldn’t harass others on there, or post content that doesn’t belong and you must follow the respected community rules (such as the specific club’s rule). This will lead to permanent suspensions and content removal.


Rule #9 – No Pretending

You are not permitted to pretend you are Staff or Global Moderator / Game Master (GM). Likewise, you are not permitted to pretend to be other real people or brands. You are permitted to make RP accounts such as for anime characters, but they must not be of actual people. Depending on the circumstances it may be possible that your account becomes suspended or permanently terminated.


Rule #10 – Do not use Jappleng for your own service products

The content found in and around Jappleng is copyrighted by Jappleng and its members. There are also additional copyrights beyond this scope such as fan art, official artwork, quoted works, embedded videos and more which is not ours to claim. You are not permitted to redistribute/republish the content found throughout the whole of Jappleng without written permission (licensed). Jappleng does not permit the use of third-party launchers, apps, mods, plugins, scripts, injectors, and other services.

Additionally, you or services you utilize that may index content may only be used for search engines and must respect no-follow rules where indicated for our user privacy. Content may not be used for machine learning purposes outside of indexing for search engines and approved smart devices.

Content found on Jappleng may be printed / shown for educational purposes at ANY educational institutions including workplaces that may require training regarding our supported subjects. Paid content is generally subject to single user licenses except when bulk licenses are purchased. Please consult with us if you are working for the Press, Educational Institution, Private Education, Government, Corporate or other for approval of use of our content. We have been working with educational institutions and Authors around the world and are very happy to provide written approval for use of our content.

Failure to comply with this rule may result in your account (not limited to) warned, suspended, and licenses to content revoked. Please do not abuse our services, we are lenient with our trust in you, and we hope you will support us by respecting our hard work and our member’s privacy.


Thank you for taking the time to review our rules. If you have any question about the rules, you may ask about them in the support forums. Feel free to add suggestions on how we could improve our rules to make Jappleng a more inclusive and happier place.


Rule #11 – Do not use URL Shorteners / Mask URLs

URL shorteners are a huge security risk for those clicking on them. Do not ever use them! The only urls that are supported are official YouTube URLs which converts to a video automatically where appropriate. Likewise, do not post a URL but make it led to a different url.


Rule #12 – Do not post unsolicited material

You are not permitted to post unsolicited material such as your own website, blog, service name, and so on on our services. We permit our members to express themselves, share information that they wish to tell others about and even work that they are doing but we both know what this rule means. Occasionally an account will be made with the expressed reason to post unsolicited material and mass-friend invite others and mass-spam for this purpose. This is unacceptable behavior. Genuine members are excluded from this rule given that they do so moderately and with dignity. Any account in violation of this rule will be permanently banned including IP addresses used and the username and other data infringing will be heavily moderated. All user data infringing on this rule will be reported with all applicable user data to public anti-spam collection agencies which may include username, e-mail addresses, list of IP addresses, content posted etc…


Rule #13 – Ban Evasion

You may not evade a ban / suspension by creating another account or logging-in on an alternative account or employ any tactic that may permit you to regain access during your ban.


Thank you for following these rules to help make Jappleng a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!



Legalities of Age and Age Restricted content

Please keep in mind that you must be at least 13 years or older to use our website from the United States of America. Other nations may have their own restrictions put in place. We recommend users to be at least 15 years of age or older. Members who disable the Maturity filter agree to be 18 years of age or older. Once again, this may differ from nation to nation. Children are not recommended to view this website on their own and should be restricted only to the educational sections of the website and practice apps as approved by the parent or guardian. We have included the ability to disable certain services in the user control panel for parents / guardians and the settings are protected by an alternative e-mail (Parent/guardian’s) and has a passcode protected lock which also notifies the parent or guardian whenever a change is made.

We utilize Cookies to keep users logged in (The only way we reliably know how) and do not use third party services to do so. We do not collect user data to sell or trade to others but do use it to improve your user experience. Content posted is automatically public unless it is set to private. Public content switched to private may not be permanently removed from what has already been indexed by third party services such as Google and Bing search engines.

We utilize various methods to secure user data including SSL for encryption. If you do not see the padlock on our website, you are likely visiting a fraudulent (Phishing) website.

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