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Jappleng Future Development and Roadmap

Jappleng is an exciting project with a growing number of members and help around the world. We are committed to growing our project and making it readily available for everyone. This page will discuss a bit about what we will be doing in the near future however due to much of this information being confidential, we will only divulge information we wish to share.

Phase I (Complete)
Create a web service where people may experience most aspects of Jappleng and provide feedback on what they like and don't like. Trial JPLearn and other educational material to see what needs improvement. "Jappleng Beta"

Released: June 2017 - December 2017

Phase II (Complete)

Part 1: Create a new design and make improvements based on feedback. All sections will be optimized and prepped for a proper release. Support Mobile and Super High Resolution devices natively.

Released February 2018 - May 2018

Part 2: Market and invite significant amount of people to participate on Jappleng. Website will technically be in beta but most features will be made available and ready to be use on a mass-scale.
Part 2 Completed in May and a break will be taken until end of June

Phase III (Current)
In this phase we will work on J-Spot Social, Direct Messages, Achievements, and other important community features will also be made available in this phase. We will focus heavily on community features and make sure that Jappleng will be enjoyable. Phase III will introduce patch versions.

The following will release with Patch 1.3 "Phoenix"

  • J-spot Social
  • Significant User Interface Improvments
  • Improved editing tools
  • Improved performance and security features
  • Personal Image Gallery
  • Achievements
  • Tag System / Search
  • User Notifications
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • Other changes will be noted in patch notes

The following will be released with Patch 1.35
(EST. July 6 or earlier)
  • Direct Messages
  • Club Forum Management
  • Club User Management
  • New Achievements
  • User Interests
  • Contact Us Form
  • Newsletter System
  • J-World Market (Tentative Title, use collected J-Coins to unlock things)

Patch 1.37 and above
Future patches will be discussed at a later time. We also work with user feedback and make sure to deliver appropriate updates.

Thank you for your time! All estimate dates are subject to change.

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