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Yaaah!! It's school again. I wish we had Japanese in our school but we don't T.T
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Mark says
Also LOL this site is so tiny on a 5k display!  This is why a responsive layout is really important. xD
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Mark says
ANNOUNCEMENT: AUGUST 13Changes are coming, lots of changes!I see there are a lot of new members on Jappleng and that's really exciting! Right now I'm testing out my new 5k imac and figuring out how to use it since I've never used a mac before. When I get things under control, I will begin work on an entirely new Jappleng. This new Jappleng will have a responsive page design meaning you will be able to use it on your phone, tablet and PC. But that's not all!Jappleng will also have significant improvements all around, many changes will be made to how the site is used, and so on... "But I like this design!"I do too, but close to 60% of our visitors are using mobile devices. This means that we need to do something, plus the navigation system is a bit confusing as to what our purpose is.  To that I say, pish-posh! But I have to update it anyway.How long will this take you ask?Very good question! I need to see if I can first find someone to help me with front-end development.  If I were to recruit someone today, it would be about the end of September before the new website can be tested.But... What about new content?Good question! The new Jappleng will be designed in such a way that it becomes much easier to upload new content for both staff and the public. You heard this right, Jappleng will permit people to create their own lessons too!  We will be inviting teachers and tutors as well to take part of this great adventure. While there may not be new content today or tomorrow, once this renovation is complete, if all goes well, new content should happen very often!Note about Ads:In the next few days, Ads will be disabled throughout the site meaning you're free to browse whatever you like without seeing anything from Amazon.We hope you will look forward to these changes!
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