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Mark says
I'm about 90% confident now with the new direction Jappleng will be going.1. New design concepts are almost complete2. New staff member to help with development3. Technical documents are almost done4. Research / Viability of project is complete5. Legal groundwork is doneNext stage is to finalize the technical documents and finish the design concepts. Once the design concepts are complete, we'll get to work on the code / redesign / repurpose.There will be a lot of changes, Mobile support will be a thing, new awesome features are coming and some features and sections will be closed for the time being.  The design will be completely changed for the better and you can say good-bye to the confusing navigation system.There's also going to be a really cool new system implemented that will blow you away! I think most people here will love it. Anyway, that's all the news I have today!
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Mark says to
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Mikee says
Hey people! :) How do I ...umm set the avatar?
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