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Mark says
Well, the guy showed up yesterday and said it wasn't his job and he'd have dispatch call me. They never did so I called them back and 5 department transfers later (with no notification that i was being transferred) I eventually had someone send another person for today (thursday). This is a full week of non-stop idiocy by comcast. All I want to do is have everything ready to update the site, too much to ask? sheesh... I'm bringing my PC over now, so I can work on the site tomorrow regardless on what happens.
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Mark says
Today my ISP showed up and said that he wasn't the right person for the job and that he'd have dispatch call me. I waited and waited, no one called. I decided to call and nobody had an idea on what was going on, finally after my 5th transfer someone scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. HOPEFULLY I will have internet sometime tomorrow. But sadly I'll be there, bored half to death doing nothing. Just waiting for hopefully my ISP to show up. This is day 4 mind you of just waiting on them to show up. I'm seriously fed-up with comcast already.
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Mark says
They didn't show up again or call... I called them up and they said they would have internet setup on Wednesday. Sheesh... Well, I'll be using the internet where I am right now til it's up and running. Updating Jappleng today :D
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