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Mark says
Hi everyone! There are 3 things I want to say...1. I will be removing all ads from Jappleng. There's no point to them if Jappleng is going to become a foundation. But feel free to PM me if you wish to donate and help form the foundation. I'll accept help, equipment, and funds in any way possible.2. I spent a few days trying to fix my car, tonight will be the last day to fix it (hopefully). It started with misfire in the engine, and it got worse from there. Now there' still some RPM trouble and vibrations and break pads need replaced. I think I can resolve this tonight.3. I made no progress on finding staff because of my broken car. I couldn't go anywhere obviously but i have 2 leads right now and there's an Asian festival happening next month which might help finding more volunteers. Except, once I find the initial board of directors and establish as what we need to become, there will be many resources open for us. I'll elaborate on this later.So there you have it, kinda stuck without a car but once the car is fixed I'll be able to go meet with these leads and go from there.
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Mark says
I got my new bed yesterday. I finally slept all night. I hadn't done so since around February. My back also already feels 80%, looks like I'll be able to work on Jappleng again sooner than expected :D
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Welcome to Jappleng! I'm not a mod or in charge of anything, but I'm happy to help if you have any questions when Mark isn't around. I like to imagine that I know most of the ins and outs of the website, aside from the learning section.. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
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