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Mark says
I'm at lesson 21 right now, quite an impressive number right and I'm sure that's a big tease haha! While waiting, be sure to study Katakana as this is the secondary thing to learn in this chapter.Lesson 15: There is something: います・あります・ に・も (Done)Lesson 16: Negative Tense: いません・ありません「では・には」 (40%)Lesson 17: Adjectives い ・ な (40%)Lesson 18: Introduction to the Japanese Address System (90%)Lesson 19: Getting and giving Directions (10%)Lesson 20: Common Signs in Japan (5%)Lesson 21: Shopping in Japan (10%)There might be more lessons in-between as it makes sense to do so. :) All lessons will be available before Friday, don't worry about that :D
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Mark says
Well that sucks. My laptop kept crashing this morning and I was wondering why. It turned out that the electric recliner pulled the cable and broke the inside of my laptop's power plug thingy. If it moves ever so slightly, it will freeze because the voltage gets messed up and it acts like a surge but if it had a battery it shouldn't have a problem, but my battery is 100% dead. So, I spent all day looking up parts and doing a lot of research on what to get and I bought a new computer complimentary of my wife's paycheck.  :D  No more issues and I won't have to deal with virtual desktops to do work.  Just as I went to order though, my videocard went out of stock so i have to wait on that by next wednesday which sucks since everything else is arriving on thursday. Oh well, that's life!As for the lessons, that's what I was trying to work on but they will arrive tomorrow instead. As long as I don't really move my laptop, everything should be OK. But if it becomes a problem, I'll use my media center PC which is on a projector, not convenient to work on jappleng (and hard on the back because couches hurt after a while) but whatever it will take to get the lessons up tomorrow. At least I'll now have an office (gaming *cough*) computer for the office haha
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Mark says
2 More JPLearn! lessons in the works, oops!Okay, so it turns out that I neglected Imasu and Arimasu which I thought was included in Chapter 1. Depending on how I go about things, I may have to include another lesson on top of that for its negative tense. So without further adieu, I will be now working on that lesson for Chapter 2 because it's a little strange of a concept to grasp if it's not properly introduced lol! Also, it turned out that I had to split a lesson into two pieces so now instead of just having 5 new JPLearn lessons in the works, I'm now working on 7. @__@ Once they are all fairly well done, I will edit and publish them one at a time instead of all at once (if anyone was confused).
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