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Mark says
I just went to Japan and didn't leave my houseIt was about a 10-15 minute tour of Japan from one thing to another but I was trying out my VR headset (oculus) and Discovery had a thing where you could explore different countries and I chose Japan for obvious reasons. While it doesn't feel 100% there at least not for the DK2 that I have (the consumer release one is better), I could really feel like I was sorta there particularly the scale of which things are after a minute or two of immersion.At first it felt like "eh, this is cheap" to "oh, this is pretty cool!" because your brain kind of forgets you're in VR in a way. When you're in a mall, temple or whatever and look up, you can really see how big some things are, and it was pretty cool at least for me to see the blacksmithing part because I LOVE blacksmith stuff <3 It's not the same as being in Japan but this is a close second if you want to learn more about the place. Someone make Ramen Stall VR and I'll be there! omnomomnom!
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Mark says
Did you know that Chapter 1 is equivalent to your typical 1 course semester Japanese in college? Chapter 1 and 2 is worth about a semester only if you go to a good college :X Of course though, it depends on the teacher on how well they teach Japanese and finding a good Japanese teacher is hard work. Here on Jappleng you don't have to worry so much about it. Chapter 1 builds the foundation you need. Chapter 2 introduces you to understanding how verbs and the like work and puts it into good use. Chapter 3 is about conversational Japanese. There are no plans beyond Chapter 3 at this point in time but I'd imagine once Chapter 3 is complete, there will likely be a 4th chapter. The reason why I'm a little hesitant in promising a 4th chapter is because once you reach a certain level, it's all about practicing on your own, learning new words, and practicing new kanji if you're into kanji. It branches off into "what do you want to do with your japanese?" and I think mini-lessons / alt-courses are better suited for this. What do you think?
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Mark says
Here's the plan for this new week:- Going to finish Chapter 2- Will complete the news submission system and post about 3 new news items so the old posts that are being recycled at random aren't shown)- Will implement the forums into JPLearn!The week after I will update Chapter 1 lessons to look more visually appealing with drawings (probably), and add new features around the site. Meanwhile I will invite others to come to Jappleng and hopefully they will come lol. Chapter 3 will resume after the holidays.
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