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Mark says
Sorry, I still don't have internet :( They didn't show up yesterday or call. I'm hoping internet will be taken care of before the weekend is over. Otherwise, I'll keep my PC where I lived before (where I am typing this now) and work from there. No point in bringing over the computer without internet lolAs far as updates go, I have none but i will try to fix the feed before i leave again. I don't know when I have to go back if it's 30 mins or 2 hrs. Sorry for so much uncertainty. Everything is getting pushed all around and it's aggravating. I'm very punctual. You need me there at 5 and I'll be there at 5, not 4:59 or 5:01 but 5:00. lol These people are driving me insane!  。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
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Mark says
J-Spot is really problematic but unfortunately I won't be able touch it until tomorrow. Internet coming later tonight and we're moving immediately. Sorry for the delay!
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Mark says
Issue with foreign character-based usernames have been resolved for the login process. Additionally due to the sudden change of schedule with buying the house and all that stuff, I went from being totally focused on Jappleng this morning to focusing on nothing but house-related stuff. This will be the same tomorrow.  Everything is pushed at least 2-days but as a result, we'll be having a house. Great news indeed, but I had to leave J-Spot half-finished with its update so it's all super buggy now hahahaha! I will try to fix at least that tomorrow some time. Let me know if you encounter ANY account related issues. Thank you!
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