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Mark says
BoA 'JazzClub' MV(..Embedded Video..)
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Mark says
Development Update Edition #03:I finally finished the Kana recognition app! There will be 3 of them released at launch.Hiragana Recognition AppKatakana Recognition AppKana Mastery Recognition AppI don't know if the Leaderboards will be available out of the box but it's not a difficult thing to do. Kanji recognition apps will need to be approached differently because it will need to use an open source dictionary.Next on the list is putting the new website together. Right now I have a good foundation for the "capsules" and design elements, now I just need to plug and play for each section. This will take a few days of work to convert. I think to convert everything it could take 2 weeks with all existing features, but the new Jappleng will release with minimal sections and features since I need to focus on content, apps, bug testing / mobile testing etc...Will post an update when I can :)
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JADA you should setup your profile
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