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Mark says
Development Update Edition #02:The new Jappleng website is being developed at a rapid pace due to a new system I developed called "Capsules". In a few days, I will be ready to begin migrating the new system with the old making database driven content possible. By the end of the week, I suspect that the new Jappleng will be useable for completed sections or roughly 60% complete.I would like to also state that ハイアランダ, a seasoned game developer is making games for Jappleng. This means that at launch, there will be at least one edutainment game to play (hasn't been named yet).Also sometime next week, Jappleng will likely be converted into a promotional website. This means that you will no longer be able to access J-Spot, the forums, and other parts of the site due to the fact that we would like to encourage people to join and get interested in what we're about to launch.  This will remain this way until we are ready to launch, likely around February 1 or 2. More updates coming soon
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Mark says
New Jappleng Update Edition #01:Updates will be posted every day that I work on Jappleng from now on until completion.1. More design elements have been made2. New site grid layout / theme system implemented3. New modules have been implemented, partially functional4. ETA for new site: End of JanuaryI expect that by the end of the day, a good portion of the new education section will be complete. I cannot upload changes until the whole site is done due to the significant improvements that are being made.
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Mark says
I just finished preparing my development environment for Jappleng. Now starting the programming process. I hope everyone has a modern browser because the new Jappleng will be using CSS Grid, something that became mainstream in Feb 2017. :)
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