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Mark says
HERE IS WHY JAPPLENG SHOULD GET EXCITING FOR YOU NEXT MONTH- Club Jappleng will be ready- Pretty much everything else will be done, just minor thouch ups and new features will be added from time to time- All of Jappleng will be ready just as envisioned when Jappleng was first described as "the next big thing"- Jappleng is the only one of its kind, it is unique in every possible way- We will be making a lot of effort to pushing Jappleng into the public eye and we ask you spread the word as well- Content, content, content! November will be content month and boy will it ever be exciting!- My new office will be ready on November 2 (but that's exiting for me lol)- I truly believe that Jappleng will become massive, something like the scale of the facebook of Japan, minus the creepy tracking stuff that they do which we don't do here- Lots of activity will happen thanks to new members!- JPLearn! Chapter 2 will be complete- Tons of new lessons!- If Jappleng becomes active as I hope it will in November, this will be enough to convince others to join in and help add content to the site and maintain it.- A contest will be held in December for a chance to win cool prizes (that you can physically get! Perhaps an anime in Bluray format? Perhaps a video-game? Perhaps a figurine? Who knows! We'll find out soon :D
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Mark says
I'm pleased to say that Jappleng is now averaging between 150-200 "unique" individuals per day versus half of that from summer. While this number may seem pale compared to some major websites, this is about the size of a small school and approximately 20% of these people come back regularly and that's the important key here. This means that even though we haven't yet focused on making our community big but focus strictly on features til the end of this month, there's is a stable fan-base that exist.  Sadly, while there is such a fan-base, most don't register but lurk around even when they do register.This is why I believe that by the end of the month, all the necessary features will be implemented to make Jappleng a happy place to get people involved. The more people who participate, the more others will join in and take part of these activities which is a lot like an internet version of the bystander effect.Stay tuned for my next post to talk about something exciting!
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Mark says
Sorry about taking the day off yesterday, my back was so messed up. My current computer setup requires me to not use a back to the chair because of the layout and it's so un-ergonomic. I ended up buying an entire new set of office furniture and it will arrive next Wednesday. Thankfully because it was ordered with the company that my wife and I bought our couch and other stuff from, they will deliver it and assemble it for free =D My back is still in miserable shape today too but I will update the site as much as possible.
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