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Club Wiki
Club Jappleng is a wonderful section that lets people create and join clubs. You must have an active membership to Jappleng in order to create and join clubs.

Creating a Club
Creating a club may be done at the following link:

Joining a club
Simply find a club that seems interesting to your tastes and once there, click on JOIN CLUB at the top of the page.

Club Categories
The following categories may be used in the creation of a club:
  • Anime & Manga
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Hobbies
  • J-Pop and Idols
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Education
  • School Clubs
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel & Immigration
  • TV & Movies
  • Videogames

Additional Club categories will be released when Jappleng becomes more active.

Club Features:
  • Creation and Joining of Clubs
  • Kicking / Banning users from said club
  • Moderation of club activities by global moderators and club moderators
  • Club Ranks and rank assignments (Custom named)
  • Assigning club members ranks
  • Earning XP and Club Coins for club activities
  • Club Treasury and Unlockable content
  • Club Wiki
  • Club Forums
  • Club Polls
  • Club Quizzes
  • Club Albums (Images, Video)
  • Club Chat
  • Club Calendar and Events
  • Club Affiliates (other clubs the club owner(s) like)
  • Club Membership system
  • Club Management
  • Club Activities
  • Club J-Spot Integration
  • Club Chat Integration
  • Site-wide visibility including search results *Varies if NSFW is enabled for the club and/or feature
  • Report post/club to Club Moderators and/or Global Moderators (GM)

NSFW Clubs
It is possible that a club may be flagged as NSFW. This means "Not safe for work". This may be because the club administrator assigned it as NSFW or it was flagged / moderated as NSFW. Please mark any NSFW clubs as NSFW.

Content That is Deemed NSFW:
  • Graphical content
  • Provocative language and/or images
  • Nudity, Undergarments in images
  • Sexual content

Stipulations of NSFW Clubs:
  • Will not appear to users that have Parental Controls enabled (this is on by default)
  • Cannot appear as a Featured Club
  • All content within the club will be flagged as NSFW even if it isn't

If you desire only minimal NSFW features such as NSFW albums or Forums, you may create your club as normal but assign your albums, forums etc... as NSFW. Doing this will permit users to see your club but not access NSFW content if their parental control is on. Keep in mind that you may not use this feature to circumvent an obviously NSFW club as SFW just to get attention. Moderators who flag a club as NSFW cannot be altered.

Example Proper Use:
Your club is about an anime, however at times the anime may have provocative moments. You may create the club as Safe-for-work but create albums such as "anime screenshots" as NSFW if there are smallcothes or partial nudity displayed.

Example of Imporoper Use:
You have created a club about your favorite lewd anime. It is obviously about you-know-what. However you created the club safe-for-work just for the exposure. Don't do this and especially do not name your club something provocative and flag is as safe.

Please make sure that even if your club is NSFW, do follow our Code of Conduct.
📝 This item was last updated on November 17, '20 7:53:45pm by OG Jappleng
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