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The Official Jappleng Wiki

And Development Details – 

Welcome everyone to the official Jappleng University Wiki – A place where you can discover how to use Jappleng and learn more about the development of this project. To help you get started, we compartmentalized what we think you might be most interested in on the front page, however you are free to use the drop-down menu at the top of this wiki to peruse through our grand Wiki.


Current Events:

Cherry Blossom Festival

We also have Haiku Competition and Photo and Art contest! ! NOTICE: This page is being actively developed as of July 29, 2022 ! 

What Exactly is Jappleng?

Jappleng was founded in November of 2005 as an effort to bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western communities. It was initially a blog regarding Japan and East-Asian culture but soon gained traction and expanded with its own aggregated news service called Jappleng News and community forums. While this project has gone into dormant state (hiatus), a recent interest was taken to bring back the project and it is what you see today, a collection many services conveniently in one place.

Does Jappleng value Privacy?

Yes, since its inception, our goal was to not be like mega corporations in that we would protect your privacy to the best of our abilities and have tools provided to our users to anonymize their data as much as possible. We will continue to expand on technologies to provide the most out of user privacy, especially in this day in age where privacy seemingly doesn't matter to most. To learn more about the details of how we manage your data and our service agreement, please visit our ⇢Legal entry.

Contacting Us

At the present time we do not have a contact form, this is under development but slightly a bit off. If you wish to contact us immediately, please use the forums or send a Direct Message to one of our Global Moderators (GM)

Who are Global Moderators (GM)?

GM stands for Global Moderator. These are people with the capacity to moderate user activity throughout the website. If you see someone violating our ⇢Code of Conduct, causes any issues or if you have discovered an important bug, you may submit a report from the location that the event took place. For direct contact, please refer to Contacting Us above this box.



Primary Sections found on Jappleng

Jappleng Education

If you would like to learn Japanese or about the Japanese culture, the Jappleng Education section is going to be the place for you. There is an ever increasing amount of lessons added to this section with over a hundred lessons currently. Learning Japanese has never been easier!
Japan Life!

Japan Life!

Explore the nation that you care from the comfort of your chair. With Japan Life! you are free to explore the many things that make Japan so interesting and we look forward to hearing your feedback on what to explore next.
Jappleng Dictionary

Jappleng Dictionary

We actively developing a Japanese dictionary that is linked to what you know about the Japanese language. Keep track on the words you know, sorta know, and be quizzed on them. The Jappleng Dictionary is far more than just an ordinary English to Japanese dictionary, it's an interactive system that gives you better tools for your studies.
Club Jappleng

Club Jappleng

Create, join and improve existing clubs. Club Jappleng is the place for those wanting to explore a more diverse side of Japan and Asian cultures. Discover a club about the lovely Koi, or hiking in Japan. Perhaps you prefer Japanese archery or a particular J-Pop group. Whatever your interest is, Club Jappleng has your back.
JSpot Social Network

J-Spot Social Network

The Jappleng Spot or J-Spot Social Network is an exciting online platform created exclusively to connect users around the world, sharing their passion about Japan or perhaps other cultures through the Pen-Pal system. J-Spot Social supports many features which big platforms do but also supports features uniquely tailored for this type of community.
Forum Society

Forum Society

Our community forums are divided into two parts. The first part is our main forums which are managed by officials at Jappleng University, while the other forums are maintained by Club owners. It's a more traditional way to interact with other people, but unlike a social network, its design is intended to prolong discussions rather than gratification.

IMChat Expressions!

Chat with fellow Japanese and Anime enthusiasts around the world with IMChat Expressions! This chat application was developed with our members in mind delivering a powerful chat application that makes it fun to use. People are free to use the officially created channels, club channels, Direct Messaging which also supports over a hundred users per group, share and watch/listen together music and videos, draw together, play roleplaying games, learn together and so much more. Yep, we weren't kidding when we said this was specifically designed for this community.

Jappleng Arcades

Play games on Jappleng to level up, earn coins and get better at Japanese! Our games are fun, family-friendly and dare we say educational? Not all games are intended on improving your Japanese studies, some are just plain fun. Train your Yokai in Yokai trainers and battle them against enemy A.I. or other players (under development). Practice your kana recognition by fighting characters falling from the sky in Kana Pop! Take a moment of respite with a Sudoku clone called KuNo! There are many other games to play. Did we mention we have unlockables and achievements? Yes, there's progression too!

Jappleng Market - Unlockables

You leveled up and earned J-coins and event tokens by participating throughout the site. Now what? Now you upgrade your account through the Jappleng Market! Unlock new features such as a Forum Signature, Avatar, Username change coupons, Friend limit increase, Main Themes, Chat themes, J-Spot Themes, User Emblems, ID Covers, Avatar Glamour, Banner Glamour, Items & Boosters, Stickers and so much more!

Jappleng Radio

Presently under development but partially released as a chat feature where users may share media found around the web and listen/watch it together in the IMChat.


Express yourself with J-Blogs by using it as either a private diary or a public outlet for your voice. Whatever you wish to talk about in your J-Blogs is up to you.

News in Japan - Jappleng News!

News in Japan or commonly known as Jappleng News is under revisional development, meaning it is no longer accessible however the legacy content can still be found within the Jappleng search system as it is archived as a regular article. Formally news articles were submitted by our members and voted on. This section will return once the demand is found for it again.
Sticker Collection

Sticker Collection

There are many ways to unlock stickers such as completing Achievements, exchanging J-Coins or Event Tokens in the Jappleng Market, Game Rewards and so on. Stickers aren't just a collectable, they also have built-in community features. For instance, the Magic 8-Ball unlocks the Oracle feature. Clicking on a sticker will provide a secret interaction. For more details about stickers and how to unlock them, visit the Sticker Collection wiki page.


Complete various objectives to earn achievements. Each achievement has its own reward giving more motivation to complete them.

Notice: Achievements are currently disabled and will return shortly after the completion of the new notification system as they are tied in together.



Coming Soon:

Jappleng Mobile App for iOS, Android and Smart TV TBD



Jappleng Membership

Membership is free of charge and anyone around the world can become a member given they are not from a blocked country. Certain countries due to the amount of harassment and spam that comes from there are blocked for quality assurance and security. Presently only Mainland China is blocked but we do permit VPN access to the site for those willing to abide by our rules and Terms of Service.


How Jappleng generates income

Jappleng has been free to use with zero advertisements since its first release in 2006 and continues to strive to provide as much as possible for our users. However, due to economic uncertainty and also the high cost of maintaining the website, income becomes ever more important particularly when we wish to hire experts in the field to create content that isn't just based on research we find in books. While we would greatly appreciate volunteers we know this isn't likely and as a result we will seek for financial aid from our members in a voluntary form in the future. 

Premium tokens will be obtainable and then exchanged for various goods around the Jappleng Market such as exchanging for Boosters, J-Coins, premium unlockables such as avatar covers and so on. It would be similar to gofundme but you would be rewarded for helping this project grow. We could paywall this project including all our current and future lessons but that isn't the goal set for this project. Please consider voluntarily supporting us when this becomes possible.

📝 This item was last updated on April 14, '23 3:13:57pm by OG Jappleng
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