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At Jappleng you may learn many things about Japan and the Japanese language. To do this, you must first create an account to access courses, lessons, assignments and many other features.

JPLearn! Volume I - Starter Course on learning Japanese. Students have said that it is the easiest way to learn Japanese.

Japan Life! - Course teaching the many things about Japanese Culture

Jappleng Mini-Lessons - Unsorted lessons teaching Japanese.

The Art Of Studying - Learning Japanese isn't easy, and neither is studying on your own. These lessons help people learn how to study on their own. An essential life-skill that should be taught in schools but isn't.

There are future courses planned however none have been announced yet other than the complete remake of JPLearn! in its 4th edition.

In the future, teachers will be able to create their own courses.

Couse Enrollment: Permits Students to keep track of the lessons they complete as well as grades received.
Assignments: Assignments which are assigned while completing a lesson.
Grades: Grades are either Pass / Fail, or on a 0 - 100% grade.
Dynamic Elements: Dynamic elements are features such as embeded media, audio, images, quizzes, questionaires and more.
Quizzes / Tests: Complete quizzes / tests and be graded on the performance.
Vocabulary Tracker: Keep track of vocabulary that you learn and how well you know it.
Flash Cards: Used in conjunction of your vocabulary tracker or Vocabulary Packs.
Calendar / Events / Reminders: Set reminders to complete assignments and stay on track with your studies.
Pen-Pals / Friends: It's not a good idea to learn alone, make friends with other people around the world.
Dictionary: Gain access to over 10,300 Japanese English Words.
Clubs: Take part of clubs to help motivate you and keep on track your learning activities.
DM / Chat: Chat with others either part of the club you are active in; other lobbies or direct messages with other people / private groups.
Progress Report: See how well you know Japanese. Contains course progress, vocabulary knowledge and more. (Under development)

The Jappleng Mobile App is currently under development and private access to this app may abe requested from our discord channel.

There are currently no premium (paid) features on Jappleng. You may support Jappleng by telling your friends as this is a free-to-use service with no advertisements or required paid features. However, we will have optional premium features such as buying items in our shop outright instead of using J-coins.
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