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Information for Teachers and Parents

  1. What is Jappleng and is Jappleng Safe for Kids?
  2. Is there maturity content or filters to Jappleng?
  3. How do I enable Maturity filters?
  4. Parental Controls and Pin Codes
  5. Our Stance on Mature Content
  6. I want Jappleng just for Education for my kids
  7. Education vs Social
  8. General Consensus of the Community
  9. Learning Japanese with Jappleng
  10. Teaching on Jappleng using our Learning Management System (LMS)
  11. Privacy, Cookies, and all that Jazz
  12. Microtransactions and Purchases
  13. Additional Information

What is Jappleng and is Jappleng Safe for Kids?
You may be asking what is Jappleng and is it safe for my kids?  Jappleng is an online social learning service providing lessons in Japanese, Japanese culture and also an outlet for individuals to get together to create study and interests groups called "Clubs".

Jappleng also provides the means to compete with other members, provide study matierals, and also edutainment games which are strictly reserved for studies.

The caveats of an online learning community is that people are responsible for their own words and actions, meaning while there are some level of moderation it is impossible to moderate everything and we do not intend to do so as it is both impractical and costly.

Is there maturity content or filters to Jappleng?
Yes, we have maturity filters set in place where users may on their own tag their content as mature or if others notice mature content they may tag it as such. This is similar as what you would expect from a social network like Facebook or Twitter. With that said, it is not perfect and we are working on an A.I. that will automatically detect mature content with great accuracy.

We only permit a certain level of provocative / lewd / mature content on Jappleng and strictly enforce the rules when users are found posting them. Punishments can be as simple as a warning, a few days suspension or more severely such as a permanent ban.

How do I enable Maturity filters?
Maturity filters are enabled automatically for everyone and can be changed in the user settings page. You may also decide to block certain sections from here as well, for instance J-Spot social network and Club Jappleng may be blocked. The user will be presented with a page saying "This content has been blocked by parental controls".

Parental Controls and Pin Codes
To prevent the child from changing any settings, we also have a special pin-code that can be used to change any user settings. A separate e-mail is used for this and any time the settings are changed, an e-mail is sent to the parental e-mail provided.

Note: If the e-mail is changed at any time, an e-mail will be sent to the old e-mail to inform that the e-mail has been changed.

Our Stance on Mature Content
Jappleng is about Japan, and the Japanese views on maturity content differs greatly as those of its western counterparts. We also understand that by forcibly censoring simple content, it would cause great stress to the majority of our users and that a maturity filter and community moderation tools are the best outcome we could devise.

Simply put, times have changed and so do people. If we are to build a bridge between two cultures then there should be a reasonable understanding about what that entails. Public bathing is the social norm in Japan, swearing is not considering taboo either. While we do have some level of restrictions (very lewd content is not allowed for instance), the more mundane things are filtered if it's deemed necessary by the parent.

We share what we love about Japan and we could be adults, or we could be teenagers but above all we have something that we genuinely love. We will continue to improve our maturity filters but this is the internet and if we say people can't, they will. Instead we permit some degree and let the parents decide on what to toggle in the maturity filter settings.

I want Jappleng just for Education for my kids

No problem! In the maturity section of the settings page, you may permit only the education section to be available to your children. If you like, we recommend finding a study club for your child that you like and help them with this. But mind you, that when you venture away from the education section, the content will be user contributed and there is always the chance of an internet troll to ruin it for people. That is why we recommend that you browse this website with your children with caution.

We recommend that the minimum age to be 15 as even the education content at the present time is not suitable for children as it is written with teenagers and adults in mind.

Education vs Social
Jappleng is a unique project because it combines both elements of social interactions with education. This is a new system and we are trying our best to make things work. Without other people to study with, people will get discouraged after a few weeks of self-studies.

Additionally, the social aspect is very healthy and is a good way to practice with others. We offer many interesting ways to interact with others and hope that you will come to enjoy them.

Equality and Religious Freedoms
We permit free speech on our services to the extent of the law and we value people's opinions and respect religions of all kinds. We do not discriminate however there are those that may. These individuals in question can always be blocked and reported for review.

We will not ban accounts or remove content unless it genuinely warrants it such as if we believe the content in question is very toxic to the community and a misrepresentation on the values of our community. It goes without saying, our community is generally kind and wonderful but the internet is full of trolls. We will report any serious threats reported to us to the authorities as we notice them but cannot make guarantees on our part or the authorities.

General Consensus of the Community
Jappleng originally released in 2006 and was strictly a Japanese-centric community. We are proud to say that during this time, we were able to avoid incidents since. With the launch of our new service, we hope to continue this tradition.

The Japanese-centric community is generally very respectful to one-another no matter what people identify themselves as, their opinion and so forth. We strive to try and help build a more prosperous and happy community.

Learning Japanese with Jappleng
Jappleng provides various lessons in learning Japanese and the Japanese culture. These lessons may be used in an education service or by private tutors and parents however they see fit. We humbly request that educators do give credit where credit is due as we spend close to a week per lesson in development.

If you wish to use our lessons, we also would love to get your feedback and know how we're doing. We have been featured in several high schools and universities around the world already and it gives us great joy to learn where our lessons are taught!

Teaching on Jappleng using our Learning Management System (LMS)
We are presently developing a proper Learning Management System for teachers to use to teach their students Japanese or whatever subject they like. This system permits teachers and tutors to assign private class keys to their students so that they may study in that class. Teachers are given all the tools necessary to create and manage lessons, view student grades and create interactive quizzes, tests, and so forth...

Tutors may elect to make money from this by charging a certain fee per lesson or course. This fee is paid through Jappleng by the student and then a percentage to the tutor.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please let us know at teachers [at] jappleng [dot] com.

Privacy, Cookies, and all that Jazz
We value your privacy very much and do not resell or trade your personal information to third parties. Presently we are using Google Analytics for data analysis (such as what pages people go to) but it contains no personal identifiable information by you to us.

You may view our most current Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Here

We collect and store cookies on your computer, this means that to make sure that when you login, you stay logged in, we need to place a file on your computer called a cookie. This is harmless but it is important to inform you that we do this. Without it, you wouldn't be able to use Jappleng as a service.

You may view the details about cookie collection here

Microtransactions and Purchases
There may come a time when Jappleng accepts transactions for lessons and other means to support this project. We will update this section when we do support this but we believe it is important for you to know about this eventual possibility.

Additional Information
We value your honest feedback and strive to improve everything we can about Jappleng. We are honest and blunt so that you can make better informed decisions. We hope that your time on Jappleng will be a great one
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