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Information for Teachers and Parents

What is included on this page?

We will be discussing who we are, what we do, parental controls, teacher related questions, publisher and media related questions and other topics in the form of a Q&A.

Notice: There was a bug in the latest update and half of the content I wrote on here disappeared. It explained how we deal with NSFW content, Moderate and make Jappleng a safe place for all. It also described Jappleng's Transparency, Equality Support, "Green" Energy servers, and Jappleng For individuals with disabilities. The bug will be rectified and the content re-written. Sorry!

 What is Jappleng?

Jappleng is a unique (and only) Social Edutainment Platform for the Japanese enthusiast community. We provide lessons in the Japanese language, Culture and way of life for those interested. We believe that a combination of education, social interaction and entertainment is key to a successful learning path and have combined them all to create what is known as Jappleng or Jappleng University.

Is Jappleng / Jappleng University a For-Profit Corporation or Institution?

Not at all, while Jappleng may one day become for-profit to maintain our online presence, at the present time, we are only volunteers with no physical location.

 How many people are working on Jappleng?

There is only one person developing and maintaining the website and services but the community builds the content freely and openly.

How will this impact the overall quality, security, and safety of those visiting Jappleng?

I am a full-stack developer with over 15 years of industry experience. I have great knowledge in providing quality and security for software that I write however it would be silly to say that my work or anyone’s work can prevent all attacks. I am proud to say that I consistently spend time improving security on the site in every manner as possible. Jappleng is HIPAA compliant and has earned an A+ security rating by SSLabs. This puts Jappleng at the highest security category in the private sector.

What we consider personal data is encrypted (not plain text) and the website is SSL secure. Many of the user identifiable data is anonymatized to give each user a higher degree of anonymity with administrators of the website. Please keep in mind that technology keeps changing and the validity of these claims may change every few months. However I will do my best to remain compliant.Is Jappleng Free to use?

Our goal is to make Jappleng as free as possible to as many people as can be. While in the future there is plans to have microtransactions for those who wish to support the free-to-use service; these features are likely going to continue to be free given that enough people support the project. This project has cost a substantial amount of money to create and maintain. Any financial help is always welcome to help preserve the "freeness" of the project.

How does Jappleng handle harassment and ERP?

We take pride in protecting our users, whether they are guests, or they are members of the site. They are like family to us and justlike family, we mean to do everything we can to protect them. We have established our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookies, Letter to Parents and Teachers (the page you are on), have included numerous moderation features and a comprehensive system that is continuously improved upon. We want to make Jappleng a safe and enjoyable place for everyone and because of that we do everything we can to resolve disputes and suspend / remove toxic behaviors that may occur. While some J-Communities may permit ERP (erotic role-play), it is strictly not permitted here. S.P.A.M. is also not permitted and not tagging posts appropriately will also likely lead to suspension of accounts.

Are there parental controls?

Yes, in the user settings panel, it is possible to configure what sections you permit your child to view. For instance, if you do not wish them to gain access to J-Spot Social but wish to permit them on the education and Clubs section, you may toggle this. To avoid the child to override these settings, a unique PIN and E-Mail can be enabled to further secure the account. Lastly, the maturity setting permits the user/parent to set what kind of content should be censored.

I am a Teacher or Tutor, what can I do for Jappleng?

We hope that Jappleng becomes widespread and used throughout classrooms around the world. Presently there are a few schools that are using Jappleng for references and for its lessons. We have also been featured in a few Universities which is a big deal to us. If you wish to use our lessons / resources, you are more than welcome to if it’s for non-profit reasons. For-profit reasons will need to contact us such as for Publishing. However, we do love to hear it when a school/teacher uses our materials, it tells us that we are doing a good job and should keep moving forward!

I would like to make lessons for Jappleng / my classroom

That is exciting to hear and we would like to talk more about this! There is indeed money to be made for tutors and a means for teachers to easily create lessons for students. Please send us an e-mail by using our Contact form to learn more.

Is Jappleng Encrypted?

Yes, important information is encrypted using multiple factor and secret methods. Additionally, we only permit HTTPS access to the site, meaning we require a successful handshake connection between the user and our website. Private user data are not stored in plain text, nor is it stored in cookies. We also encrypt our cookies.

What kind of data is collected?Members are required to enter their username, e-mail, password and date of birth but nothing else. However, all activity performed on

this website / service is monitored for both Quality Assurance and Security reasons. We have no plans to sell personal information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for details about how we collect and use your data.

What about Google Trackers?We presently use Google Analytics to track visitor’s behaviors on our website, however the information is completely anonymous and

is not tied to any individual account. Users may decide to opt-out of this if they wish. In the future, we will not use any third-party trackers. Additionally, this information helps us identify what sections people love the most and what sections need improvement.

Are cookies bad?
Not our cookies! They are delicious and required for users to stay logged-in, otherwise there is no way for us to know who you are. Well, there are alternatives but Cookies is the way we chose to do it. To learn more about our cookies, visit Cookies? Om nom!What is the age requirements on this website?The requirement by US law is 13 or over, however it is important to be reminded that Jappleng is a community just like any social network that you may know and as such, people may troll, harass, and post things that may not be appropriate despite it being against our rules. (They will get punished if caught) As a result, we recommend that you enable maturity settings and permit only allowable sections as you feel comfortable.

Can Clubs be Used in conjunction of school clubs?

Yes! That is the purpose! We would love to see more integration with real school clubs using Club Jappleng! We are also presently

working on a school club itinerary and printable club materials.

I am a Publisher or
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