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Kurogane //Kurogane
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Mark says to
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☰ Posted: 313d

HI Kurogane!!

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Mark says
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☰ 5h
Welp, my body is a wreck now. But I have time for Jappleng again. Here are major things coming up:

1. User interests
2. Search users / Pen Pal system
3. Vocabulary Tracker
4. Flash Card system
5. Search system Fix or temporary removal
6. Implement the new chat design

Once those things are done, I'll be focusing my time on new content. Ie; Lessons. Hope this is exciting news to you all! Like / Comment to support the development!
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Mark says
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☰ 4d
My arms... I can hardly type this!  I've been doing so much physical labor. My weeb body couldn't take a week of it. I spent 2 days alone working on my car and now it is worthy. It feels brand new with all the adjustments and parts done to it. Had to do and am still doing a bunch of other things because it's fall and I need to do a lot of prep work since I won't have time to do otherwise.

Coming back to Jappleng on Monday, at least I'm 95% sure I am. If not, I might be dead. RIP
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☰ 4d


Mark says
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☰ 5d
Good times (╯✧▽✧)╯

Mark says
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☰ 7d

Working on a lot of fall related chores and I'm learning something new at the same time. Wil try to make time for Jappleng tomorrow.

On the good side of things, member registration is increasing by twice as many people every week. They are low but they are steadiy increasing which is awesome! I was hoping for 1 new member per day and now we're almost at 2 new members per day! Again, low but we're just starting smile

New Friendship!
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