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Cookie Collection
&GDPR Compliance

Last Updated: October 14, 2022

Our cookies on your device
Jappleng like almost every other website online creates and stores a file to your computer. This file is called a cookie. The information stored in this cookie pertains to your login "session" information. 

This information is used to know what account you are using when logged onto Jappleng along with a few other pieces of encrypted information to help make the site function for you. For instance night/day mode is remembered using cookies.

What if I'm a Guest and just visiting?
We will also install a cookie on your computer or at least attempt to. Guest sessions do not require cookies but it aides the process and ensures that your session is unique and not shared with others.

Are cookies safe?
Generally they are pretty safe and with us they most certainly are. The cookies we install on your device are used to keep you logged in, otherwise there is no way to securely keep the login session active. We do not allow our cookies to be used from other domains and web browsers are beginning to support this as a default feature.

Are the cookies encrypted?
Yes, we use https encryption and the data transmitted is secure. However, keep in mind that this does not completely protect you from malicious activity, nor does it keep you completely anonymous from your Internet Service Provider or Government. We work diligently to protect your information as best as we can.

Do third parties use Cookies in the name of Jappleng?
No, however we do use Google Analytics for the time being to help us know how people use the site (anonymously) but that is their cookies, not ours.

Is Jappleng involved in a Cookie sharing enterprise?
No, we do not look at other cookies you have stored on your device, we don't share your cookie information with other providers. However, it is entirely possible for other, third party services to sneak a peak at your cookie data. That is why we encrypt and protect it so that this does not happen on Jappleng.

What if I don't like Cookies, can I opt-out?
Cookies are not the harmful, scary thing as they were in the 90s but they can still be pretty malicious in the hands of advertisers however. We kindly ask that you make Jappleng an exception. We are very straight-forward with what we do with your information (It's not malicious, and we're proud of it), but more importantly there is no way for us to have a secure handshake. Every time you login, a session ID is stored into our database which is the same as what's on your cookie. That tells us that you are who you say you are until you decide to logout or you time-out. Without it, you cannot use our service.

Can I say no to Google Analytics?
Yes, by all means you are free to do so. This is your choice to block Google from monitoring your activity on this website. It helps us know more about how many people visit, where they come from etc… But the cost is your privacy. Please do not think that your obligated to allow this tracker but it does help direct the project when public feedback is not available. For more information about Google's Privacy Policy you may visit

Thank you for your time and hope that you enjoy your fill of cookies! ~omnomnom

GDPR Compliance

Jappleng does not actively need to be GDPR compliant as it only has 1 member working on the project, however we are very much about user privacy and have been since its conception in 2005. We value user privacy although there are some things we cannot do due to the complexity of the website and lack of funds to delve deeper. If anyone knows how we can improve how we can be GDPR compliant or how we may be more transparent or protect user privacy, please let us know so that we can implement these changes.

Provided below are the requirements needed to be GDPR compliant.

1. Data Breach Notifications

We actively monitor the activities of our website to the best of our abilities and will provide notice within 48 hours of noticing. All accounts will be required to have a change of password and an administrative e-mail will be sent, as well as a public document posted on our website.


 2. Data Protection Impact Assessments

An assessment has been made to the usability of Jappleng and how it impacts various demographics including children. We have implemented restrictions and provisions based on these demographics are diligent in learning more on how to improve our services to benefit the user experience without compromising the safety of our users. Data processed through Jappleng remains with Jappleng and its parent company Hivemind Enterprise Solutions LLC. User data is deleted as needed but the process is limited in scope as users may not request to terminate and delete their account. This is due to the technical limitations of the site and is something that we are looking to pursue. Users may delete content posted on a post-by-post basis and use Aliases to remain anonymous. Personal identifiable data such as IP addresses are retained for quality assurance and security purposes. Our guests and members are not required to publish their real name and may publish works of fiction for the utilization of the services.


3. Privacy by Design

We are upfront and honest (always have been) about how we collect user data. We do not give this data away to third party services and whenever we do require a third-party service, users may block it without breaking the website. Everything posted on Jappleng goes through a complex validation process to ensure the security and safety of the data transmitted. All users are given permission to remain anonymous by using Aliases and VPN given that they aren’t doing it to circumvent existing rules.


4. Strict Consent Conditions

Consent is given at the registration of the website in the Terms of Service and is written that users may not terminate their account unless it becomes available. This again, is a technical limitation that will take time to implement if it is implemented but the consent is given at registration. Users are given the ability to self-moderate and delete their own posts, change their e-mail, user alias and other data at any time.

There is no processing of personal information at the present time other than live rendering of user data when logged-in. User data is not processed by third party services unless indexed by search engines which is out of control of Jappleng as a service.


5. Data Subject Access Requests

Jappleng is too small of a service to permit users to access a record of their data and is not required. It would involve a similar technical process as being able to delete all user content which is not feasible for the time being. However, we do provide transparency with how we use user data and provide as much information as we can to the user. Data is not processed for third party trade/sell/services.


6. Appointing a Data Protection Officer

Jappleng is not a corporation. It falls to me (Site owner) to do my best to make sure user privacy is secure, keep up to date with privacy laws and inform users of any important information regarding data breaches that may occur or changes in the privacy policy.


Jappleng does not conduct physical business with the EU nor does it actively conduct business with them. Jappleng is based in the United States of America and does not have to legally abide by the GDPR in its current state but voluntarily attempts to do so. It would be prohibitively expensive for a free-to-use project to expand and hire a data expert to be assigned as a Data Protection Officer. Perhaps in the future if Jappleng makes income it can, but as it stands it is a free-to-use service and there are many attempts to preserve user privacy, security and safety without the need to recognize European jurisdictions. This is how important I value your personal freedom and information and I will do my utmost to protect you within the scope of Jappleng to the best of my abilities.

📝 This item was last updated on October 14, '22 3:36:48pm by OG Jappleng
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