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Jappleng Development News
Here you will find what is happening with Jappleng. Whether it's what we just released or what is coming. Let's begin!

As of October 25, the Mobile App of Jappleng has beeen announced and has been cricially well received. It is long-overdue and development will begin in a few days as of writing this.

Initial development will be made for Android devices and later ported for iOS. The design of the app is entirely different than the website and will gradually have new sections and features.

August 14 - October 25 (Patch 1.4 - 1.43)
Many changes have happened during this time, too many to list out. Mainly huge improvements throughout the site to make it more useable and mobile friendly.

Additionally, a huge forcus has now as of the end of October been to invite people to the site and improve the overall experience which people share.

New games were added, Clubs have been greatly improved, Forums was re-done, a lot of improvements have been made to other portions of the site as well.

July 1 - August 13 (Patch 1.31 - 1.39)
Significant improvements have been made throughout all of Jappleng during this time period. Almost all features are now functional, mobile support has been added to almost all sections and features and much of the site has been polished.

J-Spot Social is now fully operational, Clubs have almost all features available, most bugs have been resolved, peformance and security update have been applied, and Jappleng is nearing it's v1.4 completion.

We have begun spreading the word of Jappleng while finalizing the website for our 1.4 ("It begins!") release.

Patch 1.39 r2 hotfix appiled (August 10) which resolved many issues caused by the update.

June 25 - June 27, 2018 (Patch 1.3 "Phoenix")
Significant Updates resume, sorry for the delay but life got a hold of me.

- J-Spot! Social Network BETA will be made available
- Significant improvements throughout the site
- Significant code improvements making the site much faster
- Significant User experience

- List will be added here, it's a huge amount of changes. Updates will begin to roll out on the 25th and complete on the 27th, future updates will arrive weekly

April 27, 2018
-- Update list lost in a lost abyss, but it happened --

April 21, 2018

  1. New Community Portal, bridging different parts of the community together
  2. New Dashboard, full of new features
  3. New Main Forums, great place to start!
  4. We have a new discord channel
  5. 6 New JPLearn! Lessons have been added in the education section
  6. Various improvements have been made to the site including added mobile compatibility
  7. Fixed issue where users could not post in the education forums
  8. New Club wiki features to the editor
  9. Resolved some text based issues around the site
  10. Added more features to the club section such as top clubs etc...
  11. New Battle-Point Tokens and Pet count added, but not yet ready (dashboard)

March 28, 2018
  • Significantly improved the Wiki editor, it no longer has parsing issues by adding random or / or weird tags.
  • Wiki editor now supports new features!
    • Quote, URL, Highlight, Color, Image, Insert HTML, Horizontal Line

March 27, 2018
  • Club Wiki is released, there are many bugs, but we are squashing them!

If you would like to make a suggestion, please use the Club Forums.

Thank you!
📝 This item was last updated on October 25, '18 5:58:21pm by Mark
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