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Gender: Male
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Always improving the website that you adore! =D
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I'm here to learn Japanese
I'm here to learn more about the Japanese culture
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I'm here to meet new people
I'm here to Join / Create Clubs
I'm here because I love J-Spot Social
I adore the forums
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Culture / Tradition
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Working out of Japan
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Martial Arts
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Amazon Prime
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P-Pop (Filipino)
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I am looking for friends
I am an otaku
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will u watch season 2
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☰ 17d

1. Login is now enabled again. Registration remains disabled to prevent spam since there are no measures against it right now.
2. I finally figured out how to go about making Jappleng useful and enjoyable.
3. I'm content with the new layout design concept. I'll work towards refining it until I'm really happy with it. It looks nothing like current Jappleng.
4. I can see myself working on Jappleng again. I'll be working on it during my breaks or evenings since I have another major project I'm contending with. Contrary to Jappleng, that one is for-profit so I kinda need to focus more on that other thing if I want to eat.
5. Unfortunately I had to format my computer after an unwelcomed windows update broke it and I'm still uncertain what e-mail I used for discord. I likely won't be back on there for some time. You can contact me here or on Twitter.
6. I found someone who's likely to help with the Japanese lessons since I'm crazy rusty with it (I don't ever use Japanese anymore) so we'll work together at making amazing content.

Hope to hear from you all now that login works again!  I'll be posting on Twitter later tonight to let you guys know. Toodaloo!
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☰ 27d
Working on the new design today again, decided to give it another go.

Looks good. Real good. I like this direction. Will keep trying new designs until i feel happy lol
❤ 0
☰ 33d

Been thinking about the sections and features that the new Jappleng should have. If you guys want to see something let me know and just as important, let me know what you think is useless. For example, if you think forums are dumb, let me know so I can consider removing them in the next build.

❤ 0
☰ 37d
Another milestone has been achieved. I completed the first phase of the new visual editor which is really nice. Before I move forward with more back-end stuff, I'm going to spend some time prototyping new web designs that might be trendy in 2022 or 2023. Since the new system is fully modula in the sense that I just need to include one piece of code with the config options of the module, it means that I can easily release one section after another once the design and related modules are complete. Like I mentioned before, each module was built independently so there was a lot of repeating code but not anymore.

Desinging something completely new is going to be tough though :P
❤ 0
☰ 46d
I completed a big deal of stuff for the back-end and am now playing with the front-end stuff. Right now I'm making a word processor from scratch and it's quite nice. I also borrowed the keyboard shortcuts from MS word to bold, underline, center text etc...

The new editor is quite nice because it is configurable so that it can be used to create new threads, reply to posts, create new lessons etc... It doesn't rely on odd markup languages like you would often see in wiki-like websites. As a bonus, you'll be able to load pre-existing templates, create and save your own, and include fun modules within posts. For example, you could make it so that your post includes images and a poll or a quiz or include things from your youtube account or Twitch channel etc... There's also the inclusion of stickers which each have their own interactive element. For instance, if you unlock the 8-ball sticker, clicking on it will give you an 8 ball response.

The list goes on and on and it's exciting. I have yet to add the ability to paste images with an automatic upload / resize system but this is something I look forward to creating soon. Essentially every feature that was on Jappleng, I'm making a much better / completed version of it that can be transported from section to section. Less code, cleaner code, can be moved around anywhere, changing it will change it everywhere etc... It benefits everyone in the end since the current iteration of Jappleng isn't manageable.

Ultimately I hope to assemble a staff to maintain Jappleng from new content to games to mobile etc... But I have to work on a good foundation first.  Afterwards, new content and features will be made available really quick. Until next time!
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