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are you familliar with japanese idol culture?
yes i have
no i havent
I have listened to music, never participated in online event
Do you also like Rin Kagamine?
Of course!
Nuuooo Miku is the only one for me!!
Who is better?
Hachune Miku!
what era do you like more?
Do you watch vtubers?
what's a vtuber?
Do you watch vtubers?
what's a vtuber?
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☰ 22d
I'd work on Jappleng today but today I have things to do... Lots of things.

Turns out my bees are coming in on April 6 (2 week earlier than expected) so I have very little time to prepare. Yes, I said bees. Like the little buggers that sting you when you take their honey. But little do people know I love nature. I have full hiking/camping gear, I'm a bushcraft at heart, I've got a blacksmith forge, a vegetable garden, flower garden, many bird feeders / houses, I tend to hundreds of birds every year, I've got a bat house because na, na, na, na, na! The list goes on... But what I don't have are honey bees. They are scarced here and they need to come back. That's where my bee hives (apiaries) come in.

Starting today I have to mow my entire property (6 full acres), weed whack the parameter / remove everything that's "bad", then i have to fix-up the vegetable and flower gardens, then I have to clear out the area for my bees which has a few trees in the way, some fallen and one completely dead from being hit by lightning last year. Then I have to dig a 300 liter pond because it's desperately needed, then I have to pressure wash the house and garage, then I have to prune fruit trees. Then I have to finish a few fixes for my car because it's not completely fixed yet. All of this has to happen this weekend.

Next weekend I have to work on other things too in preparations of more conservation related things and other stuff.
❤ 1
☰ 22d
A letter to the community
I'll be completely honest, 10 days ago I just lost faith in humanity. I really did. I had to take a break from the internet for the most part. People were cancelling things for being normal and if you know me, I genuinely am against that kind of behavior no matter the cause. But it's 2021 and people are fueled by hate and internet points.

I don't want to go on a big rant but it wasn't just seeing people cancel random things, it was seeing people supporting tyranny, censorship, things that are genuinely against people in general. I suppose this is what happens when political leaders that base their campaign on hate and hypocrisy ends up winning. People aren't aware of the things they are saying and how harmful it is for everyone. They don't realize that hating one race over the actions of a few is racist but no, let's organize a crusade instead because for whatever reason, that's not racist. There's a push towards hating people or hating things that appreciate other cultures because somehow culture appropriation is wrong but it isn't. Only in America will it be racist for liking and finding interest in another culture, it's a strange rationale and one I 100% disagree with.

Thinking about how people are so hateful on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms makes me wonder what all of this (Jappleng) is for. The entire purpose of Jappleng was to educate people about Japanese "things" like language & culture and bridge both Japanese and English communities together.  But then I see that when someone says if you're white, you're automatically a racist or if you're wearing a kimono and are not Japanese, you're a racist and it gets tens of thousands of upvotes while my posts which are promoting Japanese culture get maybe one or two likes at most, then it leaves me to question, what is it all for?

So yes, I am pretty upset about human behavior right now, there's too many "woke" people out there acting like hypocritical idiots and if you attempt to go against their agenda, they'll try to cancel you and/or search engines / social media will begin to shadowban you. It's disgusting, appalling and quite frankly I'm tired of society acting like spoiled children.

I had to take two weeks away from it all because I just had enough. It was depressing and I had to re-evaluate what I should be doing with my time. I had already spent an inordinate amount of time on this project, should I spend more? The answer through meditation was yes. Jappleng should be a safe haven for those of us who aren't woke. Whether social networks continue to shadowban this project and whether or not search engines want to list it or not, Jappleng should remain firm in its beliefs and continue fighting for what is right in this world.

To those who think that I, or anyone here is racist, a big F.U. to you and no matter how much you try to cancel, it will not work because there's no investors backing it and there's no care on whether or not it gets banned from social media from your wokeness. This project is about love, prosperity and appreciation of Japanese / cultures in general. I was hoping to evolve this project to support different cultures through different names one day but I likely won't ever get that chance. So instead, I'll just focus on Japan as it has been for the past 14 years.

I'll be back next week to continue work on the new design which also fixes a ton of bugs and makes the site significantly more enjoyable. Thank you for listening to my story.
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