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Thursday October 31 - Friend Finder + Interest system is live
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 553 days ago
What a joyous day it is today! These features have been something I've been wanting to implement for a very, very, very long time now and I finally had the chance to do so! It took longer than expected because I wanted it to be just right but it's now here.

Introducing the Friend Finder and Interest systems!

What is the Interests system?
You can now set your own personal interests such as your favorite genres, music, your Japanese level, if you're seeking friends or someone for a relationship etc... There list is HUGE and there are so many parameters.

To edit your own interests, you must first go to your J-Spot then click on interests. This will let you edit your interests as shown.
You can view other people's interests in the same fashion, just visit someone's J-Spot and click on Interests

What is the Friend Finder system?
The friend finder system is what makes the interest system so great. With the same parameters (and more) found from the interest page, users can search for people given specific interest parameters. This means you can search for [Beginner in Japanese] [Speaking English] [Has Avatar] and find everyone with those as parameters. However, be warned, using too many parameters will likely yield no result since this just released and there's only a handful of people whom have set their interests to anything.

As for searching for usernames, you can search using up to 4 terms. Meaning if you search for "anime fan boy" it will look for users containing the words anime, fan, or boy in their name and list it.

The possibilities are endless!

I hope you are all excited to set up your profile! Doing so will award you an achievement when the achievement system is enabled, however if you do change it now, it iwll be automatic when it is implemented.


Friend Finder:
  • Korean added to langauge selection
  • Favorite stream site has 4 new entries
  • "Streamer" has been added to occupation
  • Seinen has been added as a favorite genre option
  • It is now possible to search up to 4 terms for usernames "like" ie: anime manga will find users with either anime or manga in their name.
  • Changed some wording as needed

  • Interests sub-menu added / Activated
  • Friend finder sub-menu added

  • New interests page has been added!
  • Take control of what others know about you by sharing or unsharing various interests that you may like.
  • View other people's interests directly from the interest page
  • Search users by intersts usig the friend finder system
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Said...
☰ Posted: 553 days ago
  • Resolved issue where if no choice was selected from multiple choices (interests) it would give an error. Now it doesn't give errors.
  • When saving user interests, the page will now position itself back to the top
  • Added a few redirects in the event people use /penpal instead of /penpals and other various url choices
  • Resolved 404 error on a certain javascript file for interests / penpals
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