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kevin says
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☰ 3d

Anime cat girl

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☰ 4d

It seems to have been before yeserday since I've last posted. But I've been working on a lot of documentation, a lot of planning and concept work. The next phase is hurting my brain lol.  Wish me luck smile

New Friendship!
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☰ 6d

I reached 6 pages of planning for the pet system. I still have some ways to go before I can start building it. The next step is the battle mechanics which I'm still at a crossroad on what to do. What would be the most enjoyable and balanced experienced? So much to think about (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)

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☰ 6d
The big update is already being uploaded one step at a time. The first step is the new daily login rewards window.
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Tested on various phone sizes as well. smile
OG Jappleng posted an image
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☰ 6d
Daily login rewards update
Daily login rewards update
New Friendship!
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☰ 6d
I'm working on a pretty extensive update right now.

This update will include:
  1. Overhaul of the main menu system, many items will be removed, some added, a lot of changes to make it easier to undertand and navigate
  2. Update the daily login bonus to look pretty and app-like. This is taken from the current "in development" app
  3. Battle points will be changed to Yokai Coins, their icons will change respectively
  4. New shop items will be added
  5. New JPLearn! lesson will be added
  6. Various bug fixes within the shop system will be resolved
  7. Gacha will be added rewarding people who come back every day
  8. Achievements page will be added with a few obtainable achievements
  9. Achievements system will be complete
  10. Tutorial Mode will be added, meaning when you first login or join, you'll follow a set of tutorials to learn how to use the site, completing each tutorial will give you rewards. Completing it all will also give an achievement.
  11. Project Yokai Trainer alpha release will be available to only those with special access.
  12. Possible migration to AWS cloud server with full newsletter support. I can't send out newsletters or notices en masse right now, considering migrating but it will cost a lot of money per month.
  13. Some other UX changes will be made

There are plans to make the site more accessible, a few more lessons to add etc.. But I already have a lot on my plate as it is. I have to divide my time between the Jappleng website and a mobile app. There's much left to do for everything but it's a process to keep the site interesting and relevant. Thank you for reading and I do notice a huge influx on viewership and registration. If you could all start posting and continue to post, you will help this project grow by a lot. I'm alone on this project, always volunteering so posting things will be very helpful and enjoyable for everyone. TY!!!
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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