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Finally Watching Bleach
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☰ Posted: 26 days ago
I finally decided to watch Bleach and in my opinion, it's basically Naruto. Orange haired MC with a bad temper, rebellious and very OP. It's basically 90% filler just like Naruto lol.

So is it any good? Yeah, it's good. Well, as long as you skip the fillers. I legitimately lost interest in the show during the first TV-only filler arc because it was so boring. It began around episode 50-some I think and ended at I think episode 109. It was terrible, I had to skip foward a lot because of the unnecessary amount of flashbacks and useless stories.

But the main story / show in general is good, I would recommend it if you like classic shounen style anime. It's nothing revolutionary even for its time but it is worth watching with a filler guide on your side at least. It has an OP MC with side characters that are also strong and of course the enemies while very strong, there's always a stronger enemy for whatever reason because it's anime and that's a good enough reason for me.

There's over 300 episodes but you will likely do like me and skip half of it at least. But for the episodes that you do watch (as short as they feel) they are good.

What are your thoughts on bleach?
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☰ Posted: 20 days ago

Not sure if my opinion matters in any way, but whatever :P I actually had very little exposure to Bleach and have personally seen only like 30 episodes of Naruto, but I get what you're talking about. Considering our current situation, I might actually give it a shot, maybe it will bring some nostalgia to someone like me, who was eating up all the classical shounen shows he could find as a kid. Thanks for warning about the fillers, though, they really kill all the good will I have for a show, no matter how invested in the plot I am. Anyway, have a nice time of the day and stay safe

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OG Jappleng Said...
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☰ Posted: 8 days ago
Ah cool! Well, I would keep a nifty filler guide. I finished the whole series a few days ago except for the movies and it was weird. You would be watching an ongoing fighting arc and as the arc progressed, there would be a whole new side-story arc in the middle of it. I think the final major arc had 2 or 3 side story arcs spanning like 100+ episodes which was entirely irrelevant to the show.

Why would they do this?
Well, I presume when they were making the anime, the manga was ongoing and the show had caught up. But because they didn't want to just make up an alternative ending to the fight or spoil the fun for the manga readers, they had to wait it out. So instead of making people wait long periods of time between seasons, they decided (presumably) to add TV-only arcs and content.

Unfortunately, this was actually a hindrance to the enjoyment of the show because the TV-only content was exceptionally boring to watch and it was so boring that I had to skip a great deal of it to get back to the main point.

Overall, I think it was nice to watch Bleach if only to watch a cult classic that I skipped during its air time, but it's only a 2/10 if you have to watch the fillers but skipping them made it tolerable at around 5 / 10. It's not a thrilling anime, it feels generic and sometimes it drags on for too long. The premise is like any other shounen of its time, no matter how powerful the MC gets, there's always going to be a bigger fish even though they didn't seem to exist until that moment in time. lol
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