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Foxy says
❤ 0
☰ 1h

Ish da big Halloween and its also the first we've not decorated the house with spoopy thingies

☰ 3h
Lamp says to
OG Jappleng
❤ 1
☰ 3h

Trick-or-Treat buddy ol' pal

What is your favorite kind of anime?
Slice of Life
Shoujo (magic inclusive!)
❤ 0
☰ 4h

Happy halloween!!!

❤ 0
☰ 20h


❤ 0
☰ 21h

New Friendship!
OG Jappleng says to
❤ 2
☰ 21h

Hey, come back! :D  This are finally coming around after a long hiatus. Hope to see you again

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