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Spring 2022 anime that were a disappointment
(This is the thread's starting post)
OG Jappleng
Posted 12 days ago... Menu Button
The season started strong but there were a few anime that didn't live up to expectations and became either boring, stupid or both in the trash tier. In my opinion the following anime belong into those categories but only for Spring 2022. They're not listed in any particular order and I haven't watched every anime of the season.

I will not be spoiling anything!

Ps. Sorry for the formatting, I have to fix the html parser so it'll look like a notepad document for now.


1: The greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical nobody.
This anime started out "meh" but I gave it a watch without expectations. It quickly turned into harem trash with practically no real sense of direction. It can get loud and annoying (you know, the annoying loud female character trope) and the story itself was dreadful. Maybe some people will find it their guilty pleasure but it was at the bottom of the list for me. I highly doubt there will be a second season, it wasn't very popular.


2: The executioner and her way of life
This anime started out pretty strong. It's isekai and the main character is an isekai executioner. Basically, anyone that was summon to their world is executed. Well the story revolves around the one girl she didn't kill (latest summon). The story gets a bit more complex than that but the grinding noise from the girls who weren't the MC was enough to give me a headache when I never get a headache. Honestly, keep the whinning female characters out of most anime. This anime quickly went from interestingly unique to "is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" tier. The stupid subplot of lesbian jealousy, the constant whinning for 20 minutes straight -- if it's not one character, it's another. For that reason alone this anime goes into trash tier but if you can tolerate high pitch whinning for the whole season, then this anime might be worth watching. I don't expect a second season though.


3: The rising of the shield hero season 2 (disappointed, again no spoiler)
How can this anime be in this list? Well it's not trash -- yet. But it's definitvely going downhill and didn't start strong. This isekai is about cardinal heroes summoned from the humon world into another world where said heroes are blessed with a weapon they upgrade using RPG mechanics and they all have a HUD display. There are waves of enemies after so many days that pass by and they must protect the world from these waves. Obviously every hero treats it as a game except the shield hero. Season 1 was great, I liked it.

I don't want to give the plot for season 2 because it would be full of spoilers. However, the harem keeps growing (It's a trend that I could care less about harems right?) but that's not what bothers me. It's just the way the anime was paced. It feels rushed, it feels incomplete and it feels like a lot is missing. I think there's a manga for it, maybe I can go read it and see what the difference is but 13 episodes felt like... They spent a lot of time focusing on the non-important parts and a little bit of time focusing on the important parts. It's not trash tier but it's in the disappointment tier.


4: Skeleton Kni-- Just kidding. That show was fantastic! I hope we get like 20 seasons, i love it.

Out of all the anime I've seen, maybe 11? Only 3 ended up disappointing. That's pretty good for an anime season! We haven't had a such a strong season in many years in my opinion! Or maybe I've accepted that we won't be getting quality anime and have lowered the bar so much that I can't tell what's good anymore? Hah! Well whatever the case may be, I've enjoyed this season.

What did you guys think about this season? Was there any anime that you disliked but wanted to like it?
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