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This anime season (spring 2022) is amazing!
(This is the thread's starting post)
OG Jappleng
Posted 15 days ago... Menu Button
Aww yeah! Finally a season worth looking into.
Spy x Family
Fantastic show, hard to really say anything bad about it. It's a story about a spy who has a mission to adopt a child who turns out to be psychic but he doesn't know and then he needs a waifu and it turns out she's an assassin and I don't think he knows that. But the psychic daughter who's maybe 4 or 5 years old can hear their thoughts and knows everything but is having a lot of fun. This show perfectly blends comedy and seriousness together and is the most talked about anime of the season. Well worth watching!
The Genius's Guide to Raising a Kingdom out of Debt
Hear me out, this isn't isekai. Whoo! But it's about a king who just wants to retire because he's lazy. Except everytime he makes this plan to sell the kingdom, his kingdom ends up with a stronger kingdom with more infamy. It is pretty comedic although the strategies that people fall for are well, you would have to be brand new to war strategies to fall for these things but it's the ride that it takes you that is enjoyable.
Tomodachi Game
Basically Squid Game but in anime form. What more do I need to say?
Shikimori's not just a cutie
Pink hair obsessive girlfriend? Check. Girlfriend is the cutest in school? Check. Girlfriend is strong, agile and basically like a ninja? Check. Boyfriend is the most unlucky guy in the world and is famous for his bad luck? Check. Wait what? --- Yep, this show revolves around a guy who has absolute awful luck to where going to school is basically a life or death scenario. But his girlfriend is like his hero. She's both the perfect waifu and the sigma male at the same time. It's a comedy romance and well worth watching. It's one of the most talked anime of the season.

Love is War!
Another romance comedy? Absolutely! The third season is here! Love is War is honestly one of those instant classic anime and must-watch! It's a show centered around high-schoolers, mainly the student council and how the two main characters are in love with each other but also in a battle to see who will admit it first. For reasons, neither want to be the first one to admit it so they play this little war game to force the other person to admit their affection. Comedy is guaranteed!

Komi Can't Communicate Part 2
Komi can't' communicate and somehow that became a comedy slice of life anime. It's a bit hard to explain and it's just one of those shows you should probably give it a couple of episodes (2 or 3) to see if it floats your boat. It's very well received amongst the anime community and highly recommended.

Miss Shachiku and the little baby ghost
I haven't seen this one yet but I hear it's basically Senko-san with a toddler ghost. I hear it's great if you're into that sort of thing which basically means having a dead baby ghost taking care of you? For whatever reason, I hear greaet things from this anime so I thought it was at least worth mentioning lol

This is everything that I watched so far. I'd watch more but there are so many things that I could watch with so little time available. What do you guys think? Were these worth watching? Are you watching any or any other anime? What would you recommend? :D

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OG Jappleng
Posted 14 days ago... Menu Button
I forgot to mention 2 other anime!

The Rising of Shield Hero 2
This is the story where people from japan are summoned to another world to defend it. It's isekai, but it's serious isekai. I didn't like it at first then when I gave it another chance it was actually a good watch. Season 2 is okay so far.

I'm Quitting Heroing
How could I forget to mention this? This is a show about a guy who was a hero but instead of being treated like one, people were afraid of him and the king exiled him from the kingdom. He was annoyed and went back to the demon lord (lordess?) and asked if he could work for her. She refused so he decided to use magic and appear like he's a minion and is doing work behind her back. So yes, he's now working for the demon people instead of the humans. Great show, love it so far!
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