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Upcoming Updates (Major patches coming!) - Dec. 15
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OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 34 days ago
First, the Daily Login Rewards
I ended up having to help someone with medical thingsyesterday and today. I'm free to work on the project for theremainder of the week.
I was able to fix the login bonus thing using a differentapproach. The new one will also not have limitations with what Icould do. I could give away 1 item or 10 different items on oneday. The month itself could have a different design for say, x-masvs Halloween vs normal without having to do it manually. I couldalso schedule things ahead of time and it won't bug out if you missa day, or have collected everything before the month ends (becausethere are only say 26/30 collectable days for example).
The list of examples keeps going but the new method is betterbut it comes at the cost of requiring 2 extra database calls whenrequired. It's okay though, the benefits make it worth it.
Second, Themes are almost here!
The theme system is nearly complete. I just need to now tomake it possible to change themes. Once this is done, it will gothrough testing and also be applied to J-Spot profiles. What thismeans is that you will have two toggles. 1. Change your owntheme.  2. Change theme of your J-Spot profile.  Youdon't need to change your J-Spot from the default blue style butyou can if you wish for others to see something unique! Club Themeswill also be coming.
Third, Club User and Group Management

After the other two updates, I will shift my attention to

giving club admins the ability to manage their users. What doesthis mean?
  • Club admins will be able to create, name and assign groupsin their club
  • Club admins will be able to assign members to certainranks
  • Club admins will be able to kick, ban, and accept joinrequests to clubs
  • Club members will only be permitted to perform certain tasksif their membership status allows it

I will attempt my very best to complete said list by thisFriday.
Coming After Christmas Vacation
User Achievements
Members will be given achievements based on their merit.Meaning if they complete a set of tasks, they will earn saidachievements. For instance, a member may be required to post 100times in the forums to obtain a particular achievement or come backto study every day for 2 weeks without missing a day. The rewardsfor completing the achievements will differ for eachachievement.

These rewards will include J-Coins, Emblems, Themes, YokaiTrainer items, Stickers, Achievement Points for AP Related shoprewards to name a few.
Jappleng Missions and Daily Missions
This new feature is tentative in name but it will permit usersto complete certain tasks for rewards.  Think of them likequests in a game where a quest giver gives instructions and theplayer must complete them to earn their reward. This will be thesame concept but it will be for doing various tasks aroundJappleng.  There will be an initial amount of missions to doand leveling will also unlock greater missions to complete. At somepoint, users will have completed all of the Jappleng missions andwill rely on daily missions for their rewards. Daily missions willreset every day and users will be able to complete them for variousrewards. 
A mission could be something like... Add 5 new words to yourvocabulary and use the flashcard trainer. Then if completed beforethe end of the day, the user will receive their missionreward(s).  Events will also be tied to this.
AP Based Items and Level Requirements for Shop items
A new feature will be added to the shop which will requireusers to be of a certain level before being able to purchase items.Some items will be Level 1, some may be Level 10. It really dependson the item.  Achievement Point items will also be introducedwhich will be Items unlocked by completing Achievements and usingthe AP they earn from them for the desired items. Whileachievements do give certain items, there is always a base AP thatis given as a bonus where users may purchase special goods from theshop.
The gacha system is coming and it is yet another incentive forusing the site. The prizes behind gacha are randomized and are alsoreliant on the time of the year such as events.  The initialrelease of Gacha will come with one token type which is free andoffer basic prizes. In the future, I imagine that a premium gachacurrency will be introduced to help fund the project as it does notcontain ads or subscription model. As such, those who wish toprovide "donations" to the project to help keep it free, will berewarded and I believe that one of said rewards should be a premiumgacha ticket.  Jappleng has remained free for 15 yearsalready, however it would be nice to have a bit of help to keepfunding the servers and perhaps even pay for specailists to writelessons one day. I hope you all understand.
Enhanced User Settings
User settings will be revamped meaning it will look and feeldifferently, a bit more modern and the performance related bugswill also be fixed. New settings will be added there such asthemes, full e-mail control and other important settings. User Inventory will be improved and these changes will also bereflected in the Jappleng Shop.
Site-wide tutorial
Using Jappleng is not really difficult but it does have a lotto do as it is unique in its endevors. Knowing this, Japplengrequires a site-wide tutorial. This will be implemented after theehnaced user settings so that the tutorial may be complete. Everyuser who logs in after it is implemented will be shown thistutorial and be asked to complete it.  The tutorial will alsooffer rewards for each tutorial set completed and eventually anachievement for their hard work.  This tutorial can bepost-ponnned but it will be stickied on the site until theycomplete it.
Coming After These updates
There is much more to come but these are various things to look forward to.  Also, as far as items in the shop, there will be so much more!
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OG Jappleng says to
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☰ 3d

S-senpai... has notice you!

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☰ 3d

Just finished something awesome

I finished the back-end of the new reward system for posting/liking things/voting etc...

+ Supports one single file to change everything (for me)
+ Supports J-Coins, Event Currency (unlimited), Experience Points
+ Supports Permanent Account buffs for XP, J-Coins, Event Currency
+ Supports Temporary Account buffs for XP, J-Coins, Event Currency
+ Supports absolute values and percentage values of [everything]
+ Accounts now support permanent account buffs as well as temporary buffs
+ Shop has 12 new Buffs (not online yet but on my test server)
+ Event items, J-Coins and Currencies are rewarded (toggled on/off) for every action

Whew! 2 days on this system and 476 lines of code just for the algorithm alone haha. Glad it's in testing phase. Not sure when it goes up but I'll make sure it works to not cause any accident "oops, you got 12million j-coins" hehehe..... 

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☰ 3d
Friend: Why are you crying?
Me: A 9 year old Japanese girl beat me
9 year old Japanese girl:

☰ 4d

Congratulations! Senpai has noticed you and you were mentioned on our official Twitter account "Jappleng Member Highlight 1"! 

OG Jappleng posted an image
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☰ 4d
Miyazaki struggling
Miyazaki struggling
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☰ 4d


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☰ 4d

Achievements are available in the back end now and are being tested. They will not appear for you but they are working in the back. I'm doing it this way because I have to delete the achievements after testing.

Also I have been working on the new post reward system and it's quite comprehensive!  Everyone will be receiving a lot more rewards once it's done. Both the author and reply / person who likes it etc... Every action will be set with potential reward whether it is given or not. ;)

New Friendship!
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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