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Rumor has it, Cyberpunk 2077 will have a big update in June 2021
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☰ Posted: 14 days ago
There's a rumor going around that CD Projekt Red is working on a massive update for June of 2021 where they will have resolved a significant amount of bugs, improved various gameplay features and also release cut content which couldn't make it for the December release.

If you're unaware, Cyberpunk 2077 was touted to be the game of the decade, but many years has passed and deadlines were pushed and never met. In December of 2020, the game was released and it was hit with many controvorsies on all sides.

It was riddled with bugs giving it the nickname "cyberbug 2077", the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions were literally unplayable to the point that both Sony and Microsoft offered full refunds for the game and many retailers including Best Buy did the same. Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 is no longer obtainable on the Playstation store.

If you were to play the game at the best it can be, you would require a 30x series videocard from nvidia which has been proven to be elusive at best due to the crypto miners and the shady scalpers. Even with such a powerful graphcis card, it would do very little to how buggy the game actually is but even with the game being buggy, many people do rave about this game and how amazing it really is.

I personally do not own a copy but I do own the entire Witcher series and CD Projekt Red is really good at what they do. Perhaps their project was overly ambitious and they just couldn't get it to work the way they wanted it to. I look forward to giving it a try at least (eventually).
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OG Jappleng says to
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☰ 3d

S-senpai... has notice you!

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☰ 3d

Just finished something awesome

I finished the back-end of the new reward system for posting/liking things/voting etc...

+ Supports one single file to change everything (for me)
+ Supports J-Coins, Event Currency (unlimited), Experience Points
+ Supports Permanent Account buffs for XP, J-Coins, Event Currency
+ Supports Temporary Account buffs for XP, J-Coins, Event Currency
+ Supports absolute values and percentage values of [everything]
+ Accounts now support permanent account buffs as well as temporary buffs
+ Shop has 12 new Buffs (not online yet but on my test server)
+ Event items, J-Coins and Currencies are rewarded (toggled on/off) for every action

Whew! 2 days on this system and 476 lines of code just for the algorithm alone haha. Glad it's in testing phase. Not sure when it goes up but I'll make sure it works to not cause any accident "oops, you got 12million j-coins" hehehe..... 

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Friend: Why are you crying?
Me: A 9 year old Japanese girl beat me
9 year old Japanese girl:

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Congratulations! Senpai has noticed you and you were mentioned on our official Twitter account "Jappleng Member Highlight 1"! 

OG Jappleng posted an image
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Miyazaki struggling
Miyazaki struggling
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Achievements are available in the back end now and are being tested. They will not appear for you but they are working in the back. I'm doing it this way because I have to delete the achievements after testing.

Also I have been working on the new post reward system and it's quite comprehensive!  Everyone will be receiving a lot more rewards once it's done. Both the author and reply / person who likes it etc... Every action will be set with potential reward whether it is given or not. ;)

New Friendship!
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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