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KuNo is being developed at the present time and basic features are being tested.
We have asked our discord members to help test this app and will implement more features such as completing the game, leaderboards, and bug improvements very soon.
Presently we are using English numbers but when this app is complete, the default will be Japanese numbers in Kanji with the option to toggle this to other symbols.
Thank you for understanding and we hope that you will find this game very enjoyable!
Very Hard
Number Hint
Show Possible
J-Coin Everytime you complete a Ranked match, you will earn J-Coins and XP!
Top 10 Players will earn rewards each week!
Session Results:
Game Setup Instructions
Step 1) Choose Ranking Enabled or Disabled. If Ranking is enabled, you can keep track of your top score!
Step 2) In the game window, select a difficulty level to start playing

Kindly note that this application requires a modern browser, is compatible with touch screen. Please disable NoScript and AdBlockers to avoid complications.
How to Play KuNo!
1. Numbers are given in at random throughout the board. Your job is to figure out what numbers are missing.

2. Each block is made up of 3 x 3 cells and there are 9 blocks in all.
3. There are 81 cells in total.
4. If you select 3 blocks side by side, they are called Dan 段. There are 3 Dan 段.
5. If you select 3 blocks vertically on top of each other, it's called Hashira 柱. There are 3 Hashira 柱.
6. Assuming we are playing with numbers, no number can repeat within a Block and no number can repeat within the same line either vertically or horizontally.
7. Assuming we only need 1 number, we should insert 5 where the ?? is in the following: [ 9 ] [ 1 ] [ 8 ] [ 4 ] [ 3 ] [ ?? ] [ 2 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ]
8. It is unlikely that you can figure out a solution immediately and as such, you are permitted to change your answers any time until you click Finish.
9. You may use a HINT but each hint will add +10 minutes to your total play time if you are using the leaderboard.
Issues and Help
I can't see Japanese fonts!
You will need to install Japanese support on your device. All modern devices should natively support this. Click here for instructions

I would like to use a different caligraphy style
We have plans on making it possible to use different fonts in the near future.

I Can't participate in the leaderboards!
You must be logged-in in order to take part of the leaderboards.

I have other issues
We strive to develop bug-free apps. You will need to use a modern browser (please update it) as we are using features that were introduced in 2017. If you continue to have issues, you may refer to our support forums.

Cheating Policy
We can easily tell who cheats and who doesn't. If you are caught cheating your permission to take part of the leaderboard will be revoked and ability to earn J-Coins and XP will also be revoked. Don't cheat.

Policies for Streaming / Using this App
You may use this app while streaming and in classrooms. You are free to use this app as part of your curriculum so long as the students use this web page to practice. You may not use / distribute the code or design in any way but you may take screenshots and videos. For other inquiries such as press and publishing, please ask us in our support forum. Have fun!
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