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About Our Educaton Platform
Who creates these Courses / Lessons?
Presently the staff at Jappleng creates all of the courses found on this site but we will invite Educators and Tutors to participate in our exciting program. If you are an educator or tutor, please get in contact with us so that we can work together for a brighter future!
What are Accredited Courses?
Accredited Courses are intended to be more personalized and involving between teacher and student. We hope to one day see courses that may be redeemed for High School and College credit. Presently, our JPLearn! Program has been used in many Schools around the world and we have been notified that at least one school utilizes it for school credit.
Why are Jappleng Lessons Free?
We recognize that there are many people with different backgrounds and here at Jappleng we want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and receives the education they need. We accept optional Tips if students wish to provide us with their kind support.
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