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Katakana Recognition Practice Game
Game Settings
All Katakana
A, I, U, E, O
Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, Ko
Sa, Shi, Su, Se, So
Ta, Chi, Tsu, Te, To
Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No
Ky*, Sh*, Ch*,Ny*
Hy*, My*, Ry*
Ha, Hi, Fu, He, Ho
Ma, Mi, Mu, Me, Mo
Ya, Yu, Yo
Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro
Wa, Wo
Gy*, j*, By*, Py*
+ (han)dakuten [Ga, Za...]
+ Legacy (Wi, We, Fo, Fa, Ti, Du)
Leaderboards 🏆
Play Window
0 / 0
Session Results:
Game Setup Instructions
Step 1) Pick which Kana you wish to practice
Step 2) Choose for how long you want to practice
Step 3) Select whether you will be using Japanese IME support or romaji. See This Page for help on setting up a Japanes Keyboard
Step 4) Choose Ranking Enabled or Disabled. If Ranking is enabled, you can keep track of your top score!
Step 5) Press the Start Button to begin playing

If you are playing with no timer, you can click on the [End] button to terminate session.
Sessions are recorded temporarily for your convenience only when the session completes. Exception is when playing with no timer.
Kindly note that this application requires a modern browser, is compatible with touch screen. Please disable NoScript and AdBlockers to avoid complications.
Playing the Game
A) Press the Start button to begin playing
B) Make sure that the box under the blue box is selected if you cannot type anything (It should be automatic on all modern browsers)
C) Type what you see on the screen using your keyboard. If サ appears, type Sa on your keyboard. If Sa appears type its Kana equivalent サ
D) Try to beat your high score and rank among the top students around the world!
Issues and Help
I can't see Japanese fonts!
You will need to install Japanese support on your device. All modern devices should natively support this. Click here for instructions

I would like to use a different caligraphy style
We have plans on making it possible to use different fonts in the near future.

Why doesn't the leaderboards work?
This app was just released, we are testing it with the public for a week or two before adding leaderboards. It should be available in a few days.

What is the purpose for JP > Romaji / Romaji > JP?
This option was developed for the inclusion of Kanji in other apps we have developed. We kept the option available in this app in the event that someone can find use for it.

What kana is included in Legacy mode?
The following historical characters are included: ヰ · ヱ · ファ · ティ · ヴィ · ドゥ · フォ

I have other issues
We strive to develop bug-free apps. You will need to use a modern browser (please update it) as we are using features that were introduced in 2017. If you continue to have issues, you may refer to our support forums.

Policies for Streaming / Using this App
You may use this app while streaming and in classrooms. You are free to use this app as part of your curriculum so long as the students use this web page to practice. You may not use / distribute the code or design in any way but you may take screenshots and videos. For other inquiries such as press and publishing, please ask us in our support forum. Have fun!
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