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Release: Yokai Trainers version 0.20 (Initial Release)
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 177 days ago
Hello and welcome to the Yokai Trainers forum. This is the first thread relating to the online (browser) game.

What is it?
Yokai Trainers is a game where you are given a yokai to explore Japan after it was put in ruins by an evil Demon Lord. You are to ally yourself with Yokai, train them and save Japan.

What Features will be part of this game?
  • Full featured pet system (Yokai) where each yokai has unique stats, abilities, mood, tiredness, affinity and other kinds of stats
  • Exploration allows your yokai to discover new regions
  • Scavenger Hunt sends your yokai to a discovered region to scavenge for items, coins, and more
  • Adventure sends your yokai out for a long journey, it may return with something rare
  • Quest mode is where you go adventuring with your yokai and fight other yokai
  • Dungeon mode is a mode where you may explore randomized dungeons for treasure
  • Rebuild a village! Find items to restore what was once a prosperous village
  • Summon Yokai to your side - Find items in the game to summon yokai to fight along your side
  • Arena - Fight in a Player vs Enemy or Player vs Player arena!
  • Events - Monthly events to be had
  • And more....

What features have been made in its initial release? (Pre-Alpha 0.0.20)
  • Player Account Data is complete
  • Yokai Data is complete
  • Village Data is complete
  • Persistent World (Global MMO Server) is complete
  • Player account generation / automation is complete
  • Web engine is for the most part complete
  • Energy recovery over time is complete
  • Yokai list is complete
  • Anti-cheat engine is complete
  • Load Screen / Pre-loader system is complete
  • Home Screen is mostly complete
  • Regions List (unlocked) is complete
  • Adventure: Exploration is complete
  • Adventure: Scavenge is partially complete
  • In-Game shop system is partially complete
  • Battle system PvE is partially complete
  • Player XP and leveling is partially complete
  • Yokai XP and leveling is partially complete
  • In-game currencies is mostly complete
  • Game transitions: partially complete
  • Character design: working on it (early prototype yokai are in-game)
  • Summon Instance partially complete
  • Game instance partially complete
  • Enemy Yokai Data and Encounters: started

Planned for the Next Version: Pre-alpha v0.0.22
  • Bug fixes
  • In-game shop
  • Inventory list
  • Ability to use some items on yokai

Please keep in mind that this is Pre-Alpha and there will be character data wipes. This means that you will lose your data from time to time.

Pre-Alpha: Early rendition of the game, more of a proof of concept.
Alpha: Many of the game elements are complete but this stage is all about adding new features to the game
Early Beta: The features of the game are added, in this phase bugs are fixed, animations are added, levels, characters and other things are added to the game. No data wipes will occur here unless there's a significant bug that causes account corruption.
Beta: Game is pretty stable, this is the phase when people can confidently use the game.
Release: This is when the game is released and there shouldn't be any game-breaking bugs.
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