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Another person dies from a gaming marathon and this time his name is Brian “Poshybrid” Vigneault whom died of “unknown causes” last night during a 24 hour Twitch marathon aimed to raise money for charity. My guess is a blood clot killed him somehow from sitting too long which will soon be explained.

His death is not an unusual case, in fact last month a 20-year-old gamer named Chris Staniforth who would often play games 12-hours a day died from a blood clot which lead to pulmonary embolism. A year or two ago a member in the Skyrim (Nexus) community announced that his girlfriend died from also sitting for 12 hours playing games. These events seem to happen almost every month now and perhaps even more frequently than announced. This is why I’m taking a moment here to lead a Public Service Announcement about having to get up or risk dying.

Blood clots are no joke, they can happen to anyone at any age. Lately I’ve been noticing my legs going numb and it might be due to sitting too much working on Jappleng and playing MMO’s with my wife. She feels the same and we decided to play less after work and get a year’s subscription to the zoo so we can walk for more than an hour every day or two. I have lipomas (fatty tumors) growing and they could be related to muscle atrophy caused by idling around, I gamed A LOT and spent half my life sitting now, and that’s incredibly dangerous!

Now, look back at your life. How many hours a day do you spend sitting? If you go to school, that means you’re sitting at a desk most of the day and while you do spend maybe 5 minutes between periods rushing from one class to the next, that’s hardly much movement if that’s all you’re doing. People no longer walk from and to school like before, now if you just request to take the bus, it can be arranged but a bit over 10 years ago, you had to live at least a mile away from school in the US and Canada for them to consider you. Additionally we are now sedentary creatures, most work places pretty much asks you to sit down to do your job and while stand-up desks hardly shows any benefits, they are desk jobs in the end.

I can tell you that you need to get up and exercise every day because you’ll die young and it’s probably just as bad as smoking, or worse to not do any of that. But that likely won’t convince you. I could tell you about how many miles a day you need to walk, how many jumping jacks and exactly what you need to do to stay in shape but you probably won’t listen. This PSA isn’t about motivating you to exercise like you should; it’s about telling you to stop gaming for hours on end.
I get it, playing your favorite MMO, shooter, or RPG is fun and addicting! It’s fantastic and games only seem to get more impressive. But we need to start doing something even if it’s to take a break after every raid, mission, level, or major checkpoint. Getting up and stretching then sitting back down after 5 minutes but playing all day is still considered a gaming marathon and I guarantee you that a lot of you do this on weekends.

It’s your life, I can’t stop you from doing what you want to do but pay attention to the gaming industry and see how many gamers die. Some people die from watching too much TV / anime / j or k-drama. You don’t have to specifically game in order to do a sitting marathon. Strokes are all too common and they usually start with a blood clot. Getting one of those is easy if you sit for a long period of time, especially if you’re no longer fit and even worse if you’re a smoker.

We care and love all of our members, we would hate to see any of you fall victim to this. So please, please, PLEASE consider changing your lifestyle if you realize you need to or help others whom you see are harming themselves with these marathons.
Thank you!

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