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It's now Wednesday but I wanted to give you all a heads up on what I'm working on right now. Let's begin!

Tag System Implementation  / Search Upgrades
The tag system has been implemented and can be currently added to images when editing them. Tags can be clicked to search for more posts relating to that tag. A temporary blacklist filter has been added until an "authorized tags" filter can be added later in the week.

Search Upgrades
You may now post / like / do anything directly from search results as you would on J-Spot Social. If someone were to add a new tag to a post while you're searching, the new result will come up as well on a live basis (You will need to click to expand the new results though).

J-Spot Social Network Upgrades
A lot of improvements have been made around J-Spot Social, the most important one I think is the algorithm upgrade. i don't think there are issues anymore. Performance improvements have been made but it's not at a level of not needing any more improvement. Additionally, new forum threads show up in the J-Spot feed and those posts can be expanded from preview to full and be replied to and liked.

New forum design (just the design)
I designed a new forum home page design aimed to improve the usability of the forums and significantly reduce the bandwidth required to load categories. It will be possible to easily track forum threads that you have taken part of and organize threads based on certain criteria. The new forum design will be implemented sometime next week.

New Login / Registration System
The new login and registration system is coming later today, it's quite marvelous and makes a lot more sense than what's currently available. It's a hybrid between traditional login / registration systems with a modern twist.  The present difficulty of creating an account has been revised and new accounts will now be easier to create. You'll see exactly what I mean when it becomes available.

Password Reset / Forgot Username Form
Tomorrow (Thursday) the password reset / forgot username form will be made available. This should be no problem to implement as the code is already available for moderators.

Contact Us Forms
If you encounter a bug, want to tell us how we're doing, if you're an investor, or if you're a teacher there will be a form for you. Tomorrow I will be implementing a form that lets you pick a subject and you write whatever you want in the text field to contact us. You won't need to be logged in. This can be helpful as well if you can't register.

Organize Lessons by Difficulty
This page is only a placeholder for now but on Friday it should be made available so that all lessons found around Jappleng can be sorted by difficulty level.

JPLearn! (New Lesson)
A new lesson is coming this Friday, please look forward to it!

Help and Troubleshooting
I will do my best to implement this section on Friday but there's no guarantee that it will be finished. I already have a lot of questions with answers which will expedite the process much faster.

Pinterest Button on every page
The right-side menu will have a pinterest button which will let you pin whichever page or image item you see. It'll make it much easier to pin pages that don't have the share toolbar.

Authorized Tags for Searches
While I'm not certain if I will have time by the end of Friday to implement this, I will try to add an authorization filter so that only authorized tags will show up in the search bar or tag suggest (while typing). This is to prevent people from trying to use obscenities in tags or create oddball phrases as tags. Each new tag will be suggested to the moderator control panel and a moderator will be able to look through and approve or disapprove it.

Until next week!
That's it for this week! Next week there will be many more fixes namely for the forums, guides in the right menu will appear, new lessons, and various website tweaks will be made to make Jappleng more appealing.
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