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To this day I have not completed every episode of Naruto because well, it takes a long time to watch every episode. With that, I have decided to write a break down about how long it would take to watch every single episode, movie and well, everything that is Naruto. It’s not as bad as crafting legendary gear in Guild Wars 2 but it’s a top-tier achievement if you can pull it off.

220 Episodes, average run-time 23 minutes (84.33hrs)

Naruto Shippuden
492 Episodes (Ongoing), average run-time of 23 minutes (118.6hrs)

Naruto OVAs / Specials
(8 of them), run-time is about   (2.6hrs)

Rock Lee Spin-off
51 Episodes, roughly 23-24 mins each (20.4hrs)

All the Naruto Movies
Total run-time: (18.6hrs)

Grand total in hours: 244.53hrs
Grand total in days:  10.2 days.

Things to keep in mind is the amount of time it takes to realistically watch every one of these episodes such as having to get up to stretch, click on the next episode, intro/outro/preview, ads (if any), changing DVD if you have the box set, use the bathroom, cook, eat, sleep, work, go to school etc…  Let’s say you can only manage to fit realistically 2hrs of Naruto in your daily diet per day it would take you about 122.3 days or roughly 4 months from beginning to end (including every filler episode).

And there you have it; under the assumption that you devote 2hrs of your precious day and watch everything there is to watch about naruto, it would take you about 4 months to watch or if you really want to push it, maybe a month of binge watching. If you would rather avoid all the fillers which is most of what makes Naruto, well, Naruto! There are even flashbacks inside flashbacks which is an incredible feat of its own.
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