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Well, it happened. Another anime is getting a live action adaption and I'm guessing this trend is only going to get worse. I say this because of the recent flop of Ghost in the Shell live action adaption, and of course the countless other failures such as Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Evolution, Death Note (pick any) and Avatar the Last Airbender to name a few...

These movies are releasing like a plague, much like the Sharknado sequels, they are cheesy, have terrible effects and the acting is atrocious. Never mind that it generally never follows the original source material and casting decisions are generally poor.  Now that you have been warned, here is the trailer down below.

But why are we getting these terrible films off of amazing anime / manga series?
In terms of modern advertisements "Japanese film makers discovered a neat trick that people hate but producers love". Jokes aside, this means that animation is getting more and more expensive as higher wages are expected as the cost of living gets higher. Just as much, the need for quality animation in action based anime is quite high and to live up to the hype they need a lot of artists to make it happen but live action films don't necessarily have to cost as much as anime and reap more rewards.

Films are to anime as anime is to manga and manga is to products
The cycle of life for anime is a bit convoluted. Manga are created to make some money but they focus on trying to sell products most importantly. Anime are created to sell the manga, which also sells merchandise, but anime is sometimes used simply to sell merchandise or to promote a brand or game (like Pokemon). Anime would hardly be profitable if all they did was animation after all. There are also live action films which will typically cost about 4 or 5 episodes worth of anime ($5million~ish) but after box office and DVD sales, they make up for it... Even if they are crap.

You see, despite the films lackluster success, they can make about $20-million in sales in theaters and out, but that's not the whole story. People will talk about how miserable the film is and do their best as fanboys and fangirls to spread awareness of the original sources which again, promotes the brand.  A crappy film is expected at this point and it's becoming a trope of its kind to do so.

While some series did get a fantastic adaption like Rurouni Kenshin for example (and well deserved sequels), the media prefers to talk about negative (anything) because people getting outraged is what sales. The sales pitch of today is, build a brand that people will love and endorse, then have the fan-base fight tooth and nail to convince others that it's not crap when you do release crap. This works because of the internet and social media. If it weren't for those two, this kind of advertisement wouldn't work very well.

Then is Tokyo Ghoul Movie is an Advertisement?
Yep, but so is Anime and Manga for the most part except live action films are intended to be bad on purpose, at least this is my theory. As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity if you know how to work with it.
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