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Jappleng started development in late 2005 and became a thing early 2006 as Jappleng Blog. It evolves over and over again and it eventually was the most popular Japanese related website in the world.

I unfortunately had no time for it and had to put it on hiatus and people left. Then when I did have time, I worked really hard to recreate Jappleng into "Jappleng University" which took 3 whole years from beginning to end. I worked almost full-time every day to get this project going but unfortunately, Jappleng couldn't keep up visually with what was expected. It had no mobile support and it's not exactly responsive to different screen sizes.

Besides that, it had great or rather I should say excellent content and learning materials. Many people use it, many websites and institutions link to us. However, I have once again found myself unable to pour my dedication to the project.  Jappleng released sometime during summer and unfortunately I wasn't very good at telling people about it.

I'm thinking about setting up a small team to help maintain the website and create new content. Perhaps also implement ways to which it can be self-sufficient or have a means to pay staff, I don't know.

Jappleng was never intended to be a for-profit business and I would hate that it becomes nothing after all these years of hard work. I worked almost 20k hours on this project, which is nuts! That's enough time to learn Japanese, Chinese and Korean fluently and have room to spare.

Now I ask you for your public opinion, what can I do with Jappleng? Should I find help and try to make it great again or do I just throw in the towel and stop paying for these expensive server fees?

Also, I am looking for donations to help support the server. If you wish to donate, please send me a PM and I'll send you the Jappleng Paypal link. The monthly fees now are reduced to $35 / month. If there's enough public motivation, maybe I'll feel really motivated to continue with the project too. So, it's really up to all of you. Please let me know how you feel in the comments below.
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Thank you for reading Please let us know if you want Jappleng to continue
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