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I have taken some time off from Jappleng to improve my health and also reflect on what to do next with Jappleng. For the most part, Jappleng is complete and ready to be used by whomever wishes but the path beyond promoting it makes me think of a two important scenarios.

Here's the deal:
Jappleng is about improving the J-Community and providing quality education first and foremost.

Why that's a problem:
It's not a money making concept and hiring staff is likely going to be next to impossible.

But you're probably wondering why that matters?
It matters because people don't normally work for free unless it's a foundation. Jappleng also took a considerable amount of time to develop (over 17,000 hours now) and that is a lot of hours to not get paid for.

There are two choices, I could proceed with Jappleng as it is and focus on making money from ads, sponsorship, and hope people will spend on micro-transactions to help pay the bills and staff. Jappleng is not free to maintain, it's quite expensive. But I've also been leaning towards converting Jappleng into some kind of charity but the way I wanted to raise funds was not possible legally, at least not until recently.

The Foundation Choice
There is a viable incorporation type that didn't exit when I first conceptualized Jappleng. It's called the B-Corp, and that means it is a mix between a corporation and a foundation. It allows Jappleng to do things like micro-transactions but also fundraise as a foundation meaning donations are tax deductible. There is an enormous amount of documentations, legalities, and all that which will make it difficult and expensive to startup, but I don't have to do this alone.

Simply Put...
I believe that Jappleng will do best as a B-Corp foundation. I need to do more research and consult an attorney, and others but I believe that this is the best choice.

What's the next step?
I have already written down what needs to be done to the website as a whole to improve SEO results, UI improvements and so forth. But, I believe that instead of working on that and adding new content, I need to focus my time into consulting with experts about Jappleng's potential future as a foundation. I never cared to make money from Jappleng, I simply wanted to do it because I could and I thought it was needed. Since a B-Corp follows the same state of mind as how I feel, I believe this is the best choice but until I speak with experts on the matter it's only speculation.

Now I need to make some calls and get this process started I think.
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Thank you for reading Jappleng at a fork, big decision on what to do
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