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Beyond, a brand new chat room for all of you Japplengers! The previous chat is still available but will no longer function very well for the next day or two before it gets replaced entirely with the new chat. This surprise update was done mostly during my spare time on Saturday and on Monday.

Memory Leaks are gone!
This was something that needed to happen as you may have all known from experience, the IMChatv2 had memory leaks and would eventually cause the browser to slow down tremendously and crash after many days of using it.

Brand new design layout!
The old design was okay, but the people have spoken! They wanted a design that resembled the IMChatv1 and many have requested a dark theme because the bright layout burned their eyes at night. Ye have asked and ye have received.

Bug Fix by Recreation
I recreated the chat system from scratch! Now that I'm experienced at developing chat apps, I went from the ground-up to build a strong foundation for the app. While it may not be complete in its current state, the features currently available seem flawless.
  • Who's online works correctly (finally)
  • Fetching the past 5 channel messages upon login now works correctly
  • Auto-scroll to bottom of page while scrolling up has been fixed
  • Channel system has been completely redone including the addition of individual sessions per chat channel
  • Bot system completely redone, but unfinished.
  • User status changes no longer change everyone's statuses

New Features
  • Each channel supports individual sessions, it's possible to join multiple channels at once now
  • Gender colors are now supported (Male/Female/Other/None/Idle)
  • Moderators / GMs / BOTS are tagged accordingly
  • Bots are now channel users driven by scripts. This speeds up everything!
  • Prep work done for many other new features planned for development ;)
  • Changing themes will be possible, currently finishing the chat app first then will implement a few themes. Light/Dark will be the first two themes.
  • Image Upload (In the works)
  • Youtube embedder wizard (in the works)
  • From 11 to 35 random channel entry greetings
  • The return of the Sort who's online by friends feature (in the works)
  • Chat log history limited to 100 messages; older messages get removed for devices with low RAM
  • If a new message is received, a notification appears to inform the user of X new messages at the bottom, clicking it will go to the bottom of the chat history.
  • Error messages are now in the form of a bubble notification
  • Kaomoji now cached and organized by categories without having to click on categories (Scroll to view rather than click to view). This makes adding kaomoji to discussions much easier!

Important User-Requested Changes
  • New Design
  • Dark Theme
  • Ability to change themes
  • Better Mobile compatibility
  • Better way to add YT videos (Youtube Embedder wizard)

The future of IMChatv3

There's a lot of new changes ready to happen but for the time being there are many other priorities that need to be set first. For instance, club Jappleng is nearly completed but it should be complete for later this week. In the future however, the IMChat will support many more features that will benefit both mobile and desktop users and the list of upcoming features are plenty.

Please enjoy the IMChatv3 Alpha found here:

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Thank you for reading The new IMChat version 3!
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