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Jappleng once began as a small blog and grew into the monolith that it is today. Exclusively hosting dozens of lessons, dozens of cultural and travel editorials, hundreds of news items, and tens of thousands of community contributions with well over 10,000 members!

Jappleng is growing, but we're not growing fast enough. That is because Jappleng for the most part has been hiding in the shadows. We were waiting until the project was sufficiently far enough in development with enough content to be used before promoting Jappleng throughout the world.

That time is now.

Beginning next week, we will be promoting Jappleng throughout the internet, we will begin with our existing fans and try to get everyone already part of Jappleng to be involved again. While development took a lot of time to get to this point, we strongly believe that Jappleng has so much potential to be incredible. There is no other project like it after all!

After a week of inviting existing members, we will get involved a lot more with the community by inviting others around the web, implementing a referral program, and improving Jappleng as much as we can like we are today.

Progressively, we will increase our promotional arsenal and hopefully double our existing member count by May (estimated 20,000). Jappleng will continue to be free to use and enjoy! If you want to invite your friends to join Jappleng, now is the time to get them involved! Take part of the vast amount of community features, post new news items if you wish, and study Japanese like you've never studied before!

We are Jappleng and we are proud with what we do for the J-Community!
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