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Jappleng University is the best place to learn Japanese online for free
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If you haven't tried it yet, JPLearn! is a unique approach to learning Japanese making it easy to understand and it focuses heavily on developing a strong foundation and understanding about the language rather than strict memorization which ultimately fails students. JPLearn! is a part of the Jappleng experience and whether you decide to preview it or become a member, both choices are absolutely free!

JPLearn! Chapter 1 has 13 lessons (12 if you exclude the chapter 1 review "lesson") and almost each lesson has homework assignments to them. Chapter 1 introduces the Japanese language and culture and takes it slowly. By the end of Chapter 1, most of hiragana is also learned.

JPLearn! Chapter 2 has 11 lessons with homework assignments for each. Hiragana, Katakana are both understood in this chapter, some kanji are learned, and a strong foundation with adjectives, nouns, verbs, conjugation and sentence structure are formed.

JPLearn! Chapter 3
offers practical Japanese lessons. We take everything that we've learned so far and put them into a real-world perspective. From navigating Japan, to shopping and eating out at restaurants. We make sure that in this Chapter, you are ready to go to Japan. Additionally we explore many Kanji and expand our vocabulary greatly.

Lessons beyond Chapter 3 have not yet been designed however JPLearn! video lessons will be made available some time by the end of Chapter 3 on YouTube.

Today, Chapter 2 lessons 18, 19 and 20 will be made available with their respective homework assignments. Lesson 21 will be published between today and Monday depending on how much time is available. Every day of the week next week will have a new lesson published.

Not enrolled yet? Login then head over to JPLearn! Course then click on the enroll button. As promised, it is free!
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Thank you for reading JPLearn! Chapter 2 Completing and Chapter 3 begins
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