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Jappleng University is the best place to learn Japanese online for free
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This is it everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for! Jappleng is now starting to become more popular as we're advertising its online presence from today-on-forward.

Jappleng at a Glance
It took a good 2-years of full-time development to create such a massive web service on my own but you know what? It was totally worth it! People can now go somewhere to learn Japanese, take part of various community features like the forums, chat, and our social network. People can also go to Jappleng to learn about the Japanese culture, get travel guides and take part of the News in Japan project which is a community-based news service.

Our Features are strictly for the J-Community
You won't find features found on Jappleng on any other social network and that's because everything was developed from scratch with the J-community in mind. We're also constantly releasing new features to make Jappleng just that much better for you!

How you can benefit from Sharing Jappleng with your Friends
It's no secret that when more people come to Jappleng it becomes a lot more fun especially when they interact with you. But other benefits include J-Point rewards and a limited edition Snowball Mini badge. Keep track of everyone you refer and have them send me a message. Both of you will earn 500 J-Points!

But this will only last until the end of March, so make sure you invite all your friends ASAP!

Different ways you can invite your friends
You should definitively consider different ways to invite your friends and spread Jappleng's existance. Here are a few ideas on how to do this.
  • Share Jappleng posts on your Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, G+ , etc...)
  • Talk about Jappleng in Chat (Skype, TeamSpeak, Line, Facebook, etc...)
  • Share your thoughts on how excited you are on a Blog, or your own website!
  • Write about Jappleng in other communities such as forums (if permitted)
  • Pin everything you can on Pinterest from Jappleng! Go to the imageboards, culture, news etc.. and pin away!
  • Like, Share, Retweet, etc... Any of our Posts on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts
  • Make YouTube videos about us, talk about your thoughts, and how excited you are about it and what you would like to see in the future
  • E-Mail all your friends, tag all your friends on social networks, and so on...
  • Whenever we have Events, volunteer as an event mod on facebook so you can personally invite your friends (you can also tag)
  • Tell your classmates, clubmates, and teachers about Japppleng and let them know how cool we are!

Don't forget to use the IMChat!
The IMChat is a great way to talk to me if you have any concerns or if you invite someone, I can do the referral thing from there pretty easily. But make sure your friends are posting because referrals only count if they are active around the community smile  Let's make the J-Community super awesome by promoting Jappleng! Remember, Jappleng is free and do you see ads? I don't! We'll eventually welcome donations though but not yet.

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