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St. Valentines Day (バレンタイン デー) to many is known to be a romantic holiday and in Japan women tend to make home made Chocolate to for their crush/boyfriend called Honmei choco (True feeling chocolate). While as romantic as it may seem, a particular Japanese group are planning on having a protest march in Tokyo on Valentine's Day. The reason? They strongly believe that the event is a cynical money-making ploy created by oppressive chocolate capitalists.

But who are these people protesting? Are they a vial angry mob that can't get a date? The protest group goes by the name Kakuhido which can be translated to the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive and if the name in itself doesn't describe their sad love affair, then perhaps their actions against Valentines day could better understood. The Kakuhido will beholding up signs at the protest march that say things like "Don't be fooled by chocolate capitalism" and "Flirting is terrorism, wage war on terrorism!".

Video taken last year by noxxx710

In Japan, Valentines day is very big just like its Western counter-part but women do have to give chocolate to men, generally between two different types, giri and honmei choco. Giri is given out to just about anyone because they are cheap, store-bought and are namely given out as a courtesy. Honmei choco is usually hand-made or the expensive store-bought brand and is given to those that matter the most, such as a crush or boyfriend. In the recent years, giri-choco has become less common to give away and in some businesses they encourage their employees to donate to a charity rather than give out giri choco. For more information about Valentine's Day in Japan, read our Cultural Editorial Valentine's Day in Japan.

Incidentally, Japan has also been on a birthrate decline and tend to be too busy with the stress of work than to reproduce making Valentines day a little less romantic.

What do you think? Should Valentines Day and White Day (next month but men given women chocolate) be abolished? Is calling flirting terrorism justifiable? Let us know in the comments below!
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