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News Report: Bagel foreheads trend, wait what???
Notice: This is an archived news article published by a member of the site and not our staff.
Bagel foreheads trend, wait what???
Wow, at first I was like --- no way this is a real trend but I saw the video and my jaw dropped in the sheer stupidity of the whole thing. I was even reluctant in writing this article for the culture category and felt it was necessary to create a category for the stupid side of Japan.Well, here you have, it -- a growing trend of bagel heads. People are willing to under the needle to get their forehead blow up in a bagel shape. I cannot understand this or why they would risk themselves for something that disappears in about a day or two.In case you were wondering, Saline is very dangerous and can cause death and has caused death to a lot of people undergoing body modifications like temporary breast augmentations for those wondering how they would look like a size bigger. I will just stop talking and let you watch the video, but as a fair warning, there's a needle getting jabbed into people's foreheads and hungry people wanting bagels so bad that they ask to be turned into a bagel. Enjoy~Again, WHAAAAAAAAT?
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