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In light of Naruto’s final episode, we thought it would be amusing to share the greatest Kakashi reaction video currently online. But what’s this all about? A true Naruto fan’s quest would be to eventually see Kakashi’s face since it is the Ninja World’s greatest mystery. What is behind that mask? Of course, in a few episodes we’ve seen that what is behind the mask is only another mask.

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In Naruto Shippuden episode 469 a filler episode which is arguably one of the greatest filler episodes and possibly the only one worth watching takes Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura back in time during their youth as they try once again to unveil what’s behind Kakashi’s Mask. If you haven’t seen this episode yet and want to see the episode in full first, do not proceed as the following video is one of the biggest spoilers in Anime history.

Spoiler down below

Now that you have been warned, it’s time to reveal Kakashi’s face but with an added twist which makes it possibly one of the funniest reaction videos of all time. Watch…

There’s an added twist to this video, the reaction was a reaction video for Miss Filipina winning Miss Universe in 2016, not really for Naruto. But the mesh is a great interpretation on how we all felt inside. The original video can be found below.

How do you feel now that you’ve seen Kakashi’s face? I kind of feel like the magic is gone and that it should have forever been left as a mystery but at the same time I feel like episode 469 was the true ending for Naruto.

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