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X-Mas 2018 Event!

Good tidings to all, this is the first X-mas event we are holding other than last year’s chat party (prior to the new Jappleng project). This year we bring many things for festive cheer!

Get 1,000 J-Coins for free!
  • Step 1: Create a new Forum topic in our main forums [link]
  • Step 2: Join a club or create one!
That’s it! Our GMs will keep a list and check it twice, when all is good, you will receive your J-Coins! (Limit 1 Per account, Deadline December 25)

Get Pinchy Claws Sticker
How can you obtain a Pinchy Claws sticker limited only for this event? Simple! Head over to the Stickers category where you will find Pinchy Claws. You can purchase it for 25 J-Coins! Limit 1 per account.

(Cannot be obtained after December 31, 2018)

Get Pinchy Claws Hat!
Now you can make your posts look fancy with the Pinchy Claws hat! Simply visit the Emblems section of the Jappleng Market and you can have your own for 75 J-Coins! Limit 3 per account.

(Cannot be obtained after December 31, 2018)

Limited Time “Winter 2018” ID Cover
You can obtain your very own Limited Time “Winter 2018 ID Cover” in the ID Covers category of the Jappleng Market for only 100 J-Coins! Limit: 5 per account.

(Cannot be obtained after December 31, 2018)

Last Chance for “Snowball Emblem 2017”
Get your own little snowball from X-Mass 2017 for the last time. This snowball emblem is 25% for 2,250 J-Coins. Once again, it will no longer be possible to obtain the Snowball Emblem after this event making this a very unique treasure.

(Cannot be obtained after December 31, 2018)

Snowball Emblem X-Mas 2018
The Snowball is back, well.. Kind of! This year the Snowball is a bit more fuzzy or was he always so?

(Cannot be obtained after February 14, 2019)

Coming Friday December 14
  • Mistletoe Emblem
  • Pinchy's X-Mas ID Cover
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