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Jappleng Market - Market News
Market News
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What's This?
Welcome to the newly released Jappleng Market!

What is the Jappleng Market?
This is where you go to redeem the J-Coins which you've earned by participating around Jappleng!

How do you obtain J-Coins?
There are many different ways to obtain J-Coins. You may obtain them by completing achievements, lessons, playing games, posting in the forums, clubs, J-Spot Social, and other places. There are many other ways to obtain them and more to come!

Buying Items
If you have enough currency such as J-Coins, you may purchase the item which will be sent to your inventory and if it's a feature, it will be automatically unlocked.

Selling Items
In the near-future, it will be possible to sell items on a public Market such as limited edition items. These items will be purchased by other members around the world at the price you determine. However, other people will also be selling the same item.

Limited Edition Items
Some items are limited in quantity or available only during certain time periods or events. Some events are annual, some will never return. They will be appropriately marked when previewing the item.

Different Currencies
  • J-Coins
    Can be obtained by participating around the site, given out at events, and other methods as explained earlier.

  • Battle Coins
    These are used for the pet system. They are obtained via the pet system such as "adventures". The pet system is not yet publicly available.

  • Tokens
    This is a premium currency which will be used to buy various things on the marketplace. This is to support the future of our project and is completely optional. We are presently looking at different options for this such as rewards for monthly contributions, and even free ways through future affiliated partners.
New Items Coming Soon
Please be sure to keep an eye out for new items as we will be adding new items regularly.
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