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Hangout with LordOfThePies!
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LordOfThePies posted an image
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This happened
Someone seemed to have made a pie for me and it looks delicious!
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LordOfThePies created a forum thread.
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I just finished reading the other introductions and I'm not the only weird one here.. im the Lord of the Pies!  I got that nickname when I was 14 (now 19) after I ate two whole pies at a school contest within the 5 minute mark (4:27). Rest assured, I'm not fat, I have that stomach that can handle a lot of food yet I don't feel I can ever be at the level of Kobaiyashi or Megatoad.

Now you the weird origin of my nickname, I'm pleased to be on this website! I plan to learn some Japanese but mostly just hangout.
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Mark Says:
Welcome to Jappleng! Please enjoy your stay :D
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PapiHarpy Says:
Welcome! Have some ice cream!!
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A New Friendship Is Born!
Let's commemorate this moment and remember that on this day, Mark and LordOfThePies became friends!
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