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Japplengmark Said...
☰ Posted: 132d
Friday's launch will be cancelled. My Grandmother passed away or will by tomorrow.  She was suffering from COPD and lung cancer, apparently her cancer  suddenly rooted into her lungs where at most she would have had 1-2 weeks to live. The docs put her on morphine and now she's asleep until she passes *any moment now*.

We live in different countries so I will have to leave the country for a while and I'll release the new Jappleng when I get back. This was unexpected and I apologize that I couldn't release the new site on time, and ironically it was complete except the registration page. I'll be back soon I hope.
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Japplengmark Replied...
☰ Posted: 131d
She passed away, as said before, I will be gone for a while. Not sure til when.
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