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Japplengmark Said...
☰ Posted: 133d
An Open Letter to the Community

I have been hard at work developing the new Jappleng, one that would be worth using and would focus heavily on education and promoting the Japanese culture. All is going well, but I'm reflecting upon J-Spot Social (What you are on) and I feel like I have to voice my opinion on it.

When I created J-Spot, the idea was to blend forums and social networks together, to try and influence more human interactions between people.  Presently, social networks are breaking apart culture and societies. In some ways they bring us closer but in other ways it's destroying a lot of what was once good.

We are here on Jappleng to learn Japanese, learn about the Japanese culture, and to further explore our interest about Japan even if it's just about its pop culture. I want to make sure that this is genuinely possible rather than make Jappleng yet another social media site.

In the short run, I could make Jappleng mostly like a social media site, and that's fine but I don't want to further contribute to a problem and in the long-run, I believe that if there is an evolution that separates Jappleng away from traditional social media sites, people would not only take away important aspects of life but the community would grow in quality.

Before Twitter people had the attention span that exceeded a few words, they could read many paragraphs but now, 95-98% of those of you reading this have already stopped reading. Most of which didn't even bother reading after seeing how long it was.  Articles have to be written in a click-bait way, which does not promote integrity but tickles at the lowest form of intelligence.

I understand that in order to promote better quality articles and to improve attention-span, it can't happen overnight. I can't just say "read this whole article, you'll be glad you did" because it certainly does not work that way. Instead I will take a Kaizen approach which is a Japanese philosophy all in its own which deserves its own editorial. Basically it means take small insignificant steps towards improvement. Eventually, you will see improvement in yourself and / or your business.

I have already decided on a plan on making this transition possible without affecting the integrity of the site.  I will explain more about this later after the new Jappleng releases. Thank you for listening and I hope to post again soon.
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