The future of Jappleng is BIG! (blog post)
I'm about to talk about some of the new things coming for Jappleng but not in detail because I've noticed that there are competitors whom are coincidentally doing the same things that I've been preaching about lately including educational tactics.


1: General Site Updates
It'll be easier to register and login on Jappleng and there will be some alterations to how cookies work so that users are not forever signed on.  Additionally, tags will expand to all post types, Cultural and Travel editorials will be commentable, same goes with News items. A form will be made available to communicate to staff without needing to be logged in, and a password reset / username reminder will be made available. A fix to the "save item for later will be implemented as well.

2: Educational Site Updates
Lots of things are coming to the education section, namely there will be forums for each course and there will be many new features on the way. I am also looking into developing HTML5 based games to practice Japanese. XP will be obtainable by playing these games and you'll be able to level up and compete with other people in rank. Lots of fun things are coming for this.

3: New Educational Content
I've got a few new lessons to publish. Please look forward to them! Chapter 2 should be complete soon, I'm guessing in two weeks. I plan to play catch-up with the weeks I've missed. Additionally, existing lessons will be updated with improved style and content, particularly the first lesson needs to be heavily revised.

4: Forum Upgrades
The forums will be upgraded, some bug fixes, the visual editor will be upgraded, and it will be more mobile friendly. Additionally the home page and categories will all be upgraded with some amazing new features and design.

5: Jappleng Video Series
We will have 5 different video series to present starting in March. I won't go into details but here are hints for each of them:

1. Food
2. Drawing
3. Jappleng Video Tutorials (how to use Jappleng)
4. JPLearn!
5. Story

6: J-Blogs are coming!
You might think I forgot about this but I didn't. J-Blogs are on their way and they could be used to keep track of your learning progress or goals.  You could even use them for things like Anime episode reviews or whatever your heart desires!

7: Club Jappleng is still under development
Club Jappleng is coming in March, if you would like a private beta key, please let me know. This is a huge undertaking and other things are taking priority right now.

8: J-World
Project J-World will begin in April, I hope you will all look forward to this and no, I will not explain what it could be.


I am still looking for staff but this will take time to find the right person. With all of these projects under development, I'm sure you can all see the magnitude which Jappleng still needs to grow to. I will continue to expand Jappleng's visibility in hopes more people will join and take part of the site's activities. JPLearn! is quickly growing as well and is being used by many educational institutions already.

I will continue working on the changes now, see you soon!