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Jappleng's Official Club
Welcome to the official Club Jappleng wiki!
Jappleng is a massive project but with our wiki available, hopefully we can steer you into the right direction. Anyone for the time being is permitted to help improve the wiki since it is a very extensive project.

What we do at Jappleng
Why is Jappleng Free?
Our extensive FAQ
List of Jappleng Staff and Global Moderators (GM)

Main Sections
Jappleng Home Page
Login & Registration
Jappleng Public News (Content is member submitted)
Education Home (Learn Japanese)
Culture, Travel & Immigration Editorials
Your J-Spot Social Network Feed
Community Forums
Online Chat (IMChat)
J-Blogs Portal
Club Jappleng Portal (Member created clubs)
Image Boards
Settings and Privacy (Must be logged in)
J-World Market (To redeem & Tradeyour hard earned J-Coins)

Important Pages
Jappleng's Wiki
Jappleng Development Blog
Achievements, Levels & J-Coins
Jappleng's Twitter (External Link)

Jappleng hosts a variety of great ways which you can create new content. The following are links to do just that.

Create new News Posts
Create New J-Blogs
Create New J-Blog Entries
Create New J-Spot Social Network Posts
Create new Forum Topics and Replying
Using the comment system
Creating new Messages & Channels on the IMChat
Creating new Albums in the Galleries
Posting new images in the image galleries
Create your own club
Posting notice announcements for your club
Posting new Wiki Entries for your club
Posting new Polls for your club
Posting new Events for your club
Creating a new Quiz for your club
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Japan Blogs (JBlogs)
Jappleng Public News
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Club Jappleng
Educational Videos
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