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gaijinpocky //gaijinpocky
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Of course she loves pocky
Posted by: gaijinpocky


Pocky is the best after all!
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what era do you like more?
what era do you like more?
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RIP to everyone who got banned overnight on Twitter for no reason. 

This is why I think Jappleng will be the place where people go. I don't get why people cling to Twitter after how many times they get banned for no reason?  Here, your words aren't tracked and counted against you, there's no A.I. that auto-bans or hides away your posts, your info isn't being sold to anyone, you can use any user alias, and of course freedom of speech is perfectly acceptable here. Everyone has their opinions and that's great!

The only things you have to do is follow the rules, code of conduct and not break any laws in the United States. If you can do that, you'll be fine smile
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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It's friday evening and I'd like to report that a lot of work was put into the new design of Jappleng. I've fixed so many bugs I've lost count at this point and on top of that, J-Spot "Just works".  Almost the entire thing is done now but there's still more to do before I can upload since it effects other pages as well.

There are also many new features but I'll wait before listing them.  There are over 90 updates so far!  Some things took longer than expected but I expect it to be ready maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Time to take a break! (゚⊿゚)
thereall1autismo posted an image
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Simple and short...
Simple and short...
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