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nyaasu //nyaasu
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nyaasu says
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☰ Posted: 440d


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OG Jappleng replied
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☰ Posted: 440d

Hello and welcome to Jappleng!!

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J-World Live Feed
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☰ 16h
The first alternative theme outside of dark mode is called Cherry Blossom.  It's about 97% complete. There are some weird bugs and it's bothering me. I'd love to be able to fix it but it will take a bit more time.  Once the theme is released, it will be easier to make alternative themes. The next step is making it possible to swap themes.

There is some complications which makes this system difficult to implement. I will continue to work diligently on this and also bring back the daily login rewards tomorrow. smile
❤ 0
☰ 20h
My body is aching today, I spent all day yesterday setting up the new comptuer room which is a hybrid home theater with videoke (karaoke with video) and two gaming computer setups.  There was a lot of heavy moving and assembling.  It's not done but I have to clean up later today since I made a mess of the place lol. There's a lot of RGB lighting which obviously makes everything faster and cooler by a factor of 1 million xD

Monday I'm supposed to get my new computer, no word when the dxracing chairs are coming in. I should totally stream but I'm shy haha
Do you play Arknights?
Yes I do! (A lot actually...)
Yes, but only occasionally
Never played
Tried it but it wasn't my thing
❤ 0
☰ 1d
Howdy ho friend-o-rinos!!
❤ 0
☰ 2d

Progress Update: I'm about 40% done the first theme which is Pink! It's a lot of work to accomplish this and by default there will be:

(Default) Blue theme
(Default) Dark Mode (Activated in the avatar menu)
Cherry Blossom Theme
X-Mas Theme

In the future there will be more themes but I thought it would be nice to at least start with 4 possible choices. Pinchy Smile
❤ 0
☰ 2d
X-Mas event items are now unlockable via the shop.

Earn J-Coins by posting around the site, then use those coins to unlock them!  BUT I recommend that you hold off for today as I prepare the daily reward bonuses for the month because some of those goodies will be free!

Additionally, the introduction of a brand new feature is coming today that benefits a new shop category. Yep, you guessed it!  THEMES!

Available Items:
  1. Mistletoe
  2. Pinchy Claws Hat
  3. X-Mas Snowball 2018
  4. Snowball Emblem (This is the newer one)

[ID Covers]
  1. Jappleng X-Mas 2019
  2. Pinchy Claws

  1. Pinchy Claws

Coming in a bit:
  1. 1 New Emblem
  2. 1 New ID Cover
  3. 3 New Themes
  4. Theme Unlock Coupon
  5. December's Daily Login Rewards (This month is going to be really good!)
❤ 0
☰ 2d

Ok finally sitting down to work on Jappleng. I am getting a new computer in a few days (and setting up a new game room yey!) and today I will roll out new rewards for the month-long christmas event. Be back in a bit, going to work on those rewards. You can catch me in the general chat or on discord.

OG Jappleng says to
❤ 0
☰ 2d
Hello and welcome to Jappleng!

I know it's prob confusing without some sort of tutorial (yet)but if you have any question, ask away! :D 


Do you play Arknights?
Yes I do! (A lot actually...)
Yes, but only occasionally
Never played
Tried it but it wasn't my thing
kyute_girl says to
❤ 0
☰ 3d

Hewo! What kind of anime girls do you like? (ex. deredere, tsundere, ect.)

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