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RainbowRamen //RainbowRamen
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☰ Posted: 210d

Congrats on being number 2 so far in terms of XP gain!  Also hope you come back! Check out the news, jappleng is being polished and after thanksgiving everyone is invited back with the release party. Wohoo!

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☰ Posted: 472d

Hello RainbowRamen! I hope you are doing well! I don't know if you noticed but Jappleng has released a few days ago. :D

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New Friendship!
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☰ Posted: 997d

Many new features are coming including the shop and the completion of the clubs. If you have any request please make them now so I can look into it. Lots of updates coming, please look forward to it ^^

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Have you been camping this summer?
Planning on it!
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New Friendship!
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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sooooo coooool !!!!
so true
* insert astonished face...
This is a REALLY cool co...
Simple and short...
XD !!!
Simple and short...
J-World Live Feed
Haku says
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☰ 4d


I'm from myanmar
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☰ 17d

I love Anime. Some of my favorite Anime series are; Hunter X Hunter, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Your lie in April, Code Geass, Demon Slayer, Bakuman, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Oregairu, Guilty Crown, Food Wars!, and many more! My two favorite Anime Movies are; Your Name and A Silent Voice. ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ(◕‿◕)♡

Are you all excited for new JPLearn! lessons?
Yes, yes, yes!!
I just started but am happy to see the continuation for it!
I haven't started but I think I will now :D
Would you like to see Poll Creation from the J-Spot feed instead of a Club-only feature?
No need
What is the next feature you look most forward to?
Managing Club Members / roles
Interactive education features
Sticker collection to Emoji unlock
Polls / Images inclusion in everything
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