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Mark says to
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☰ Posted: 539d


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Mark says
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☰ 1h
The dictionary system has gotten the last update for the time being until other parts of the site is complete.
There will be a fix with the JLPT listings and definitions since I made a goof in excel and need to audit after fixing it. This will be posted later today.

- Add to my vocabulary tracker button has been implemented for Dictionary entries with front and back card drop-down selection. This way you can pick if you want to use english, romaji, kanji, etc...
- Resolved issue where 3rd and 4th term would not work
- Added ability to search by Word Type, Grade Taught (Attempted hiragana and katakana but there were issues)
- Type column is now available in search results (Noun, Adjectives, etc)
- Resolved issue where JLPT grade was in reverse of what it should be.
- Now possible to search without defining a keyword, so just by Type for instance
- Sorting by Relevancy has been added for 9 Parameters
- Sort by Ascending and Descending have been added
- While searching, the terminology and davanced settings remain with the search
- Search result now supports dynamic page titles
- Added helpful information to the definition pages
- It's now possible to click on Stroke count and Word Type from the dictionary entry to search for more words with said stroke or type
- Resolved issue where database of descriptions were incorrect for entires, a bunch of other issues happened as well. This was a mistake in excel. (This fix will be posted later tonight as mentioned ealier)
Mark says
❤ 1
☰ 22h
The dictionary system has received another big update!

+ 7,637 Word Definitions (total so far)
+ Previous issues relating to word definitions incorrectly displaying data from the wrong entry columns have been resolved
+ Search results now display more fields and is styled better
+ Can now click on various search result options to either visit the defition page or search other terms within said category
+ Search by stroke count, JLPT level, or by grade now supported
+ Advanced Options button added with some degree of functionality
+ Issues with larger kanji expanding over kanji box now sizes correctly
+ Various search system improvements have been made (bug fixes, tweaks)
+ Box with helpful guide is now found at the top right of the search page (Module)

See you all tomorrow with another batch of updates!
Mark says
❤ 1
☰ 2d
The dictionary has gotten a big upgrade today. Thousands of new words, many have been revised.

Most of the dictionary now contains data including stroke order if it is a singular kanji, JLPT level, grade taught, many examples in English, Japanese with Kanji and Japanese without the Kanji. There is also other features included as well.

A heap of issues regarding the dictionary system has been resolved, a lot of manual labor as well spaning a few days to make these entries correct. There is still some issues when searching for words, this will be resolved at the next update. There will also be a "add to vocabulary list" which immediately becomes available in your flashcards on the next update.
Rebecca says to
❤ 0
☰ 3d
Hello, I have finished reading Kanji stroke order but cannot collect assignment or proceed. Im stuck there. Thanks
Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 5d

Hello everyone! I'm preparing for yet another update today. I'm deciding what to do because I'm a bit tired of working on apps and would like to focus on making the site more interesting like adding new lessons or making it more mobile compatible etc... 

Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 6d
KanaPop! Public Beta has been made available!

Practice your Kana recognition in this Retro-Styled Japanese learning app.

Mark says
❤ 1
☰ 6d

Now that the flashcard is up, I need to adjust a few more things before uploading KanaPop!

Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 6d
Flashcards are now available! Give it a shot~~
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