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Sarah C //Sarah C
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Sarah C's Friends
Joltz Avatar
Joltz @Joltz
No bio created.
Miaterasu Avatar
Miaterasu @Miaterasu
Anime, Jpop, vocaloids! I love Japan's pop culture!!!!
Rebecca Avatar
Rebecca @Rebecca
No bio created.
Bunny77 Avatar
Bunny77 @Bunny77
No bio created.
Ganbo Avatar
Ganbo @Ganbo
No bio created.
animebot Avatar
animebot @animebot
No bio created.
eva266 Avatar
eva266 @eva266
Hi! I like anime girls :)
techo Avatar
techo @techo
No bio created.
headpats Avatar
headpats @headpats
No bio created.
Luna Makkuro Avatar
Luna Makkuro @Luna Makkuro
No bio created.
DeathySpaghetti Avatar
DeathySpaghetti @DeathySpaghetti
Hi! I'm Papi! Papi the Happy Harpy! I love ice-cream and videogames!
Rasp-b Avatar
Rasp-b @Rasp-b
No bio created.
Krimpidinkie Avatar
Krimpidinkie @Krimpidinkie
No bio created.
Weird Boi Avatar
Weird Boi @Weird Boi

Hewo everyone! Weird Boi here AKA Rejii as people know me on discord. I'm here because I enjoy the Japanese language for reasons I don't really know. I enjoy my anime, longboarding, video recording and various other things. 

Skulldy Avatar
Skulldy @Skulldy
No bio created.
Yuuuuru Avatar
Yuuuuru @Yuuuuru
No bio created.
zMickey Avatar
zMickey @zMickey
No bio created.
wanwanwan Avatar
wanwanwan @wanwanwan
Prepare for trouble and make it double!
OG Jappleng Avatar
OG Jappleng @Japplengmark
Always improving the website that you adore! =D
Sarah C's friends
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J-World Live Feed
❤ 0
☰ 2d
It may seem that there's little to no activity and no updates to the project so it should be dead right? Actually, big updates are on their way from lessons to site updates to a Jappleng mobile app to a game called Yokai Masters which is culturally relevant (lots of cultural, language and geographical info included).

But to top it all off, I will be extending my reach beyond twitter which is pretty lame since nobody really cares about this project from that site. It's just not right for Jappleng. So expect to see a high increase in activity sometime in August!  (I know it feels far but it'll be sooner than you think considering everything that has to happen before then)
❤ 0
☰ 3d
After I complete Yokai Masters, I will continue development on Jappleng. However, I will likely begin development on a mobile app rather than a web service. Jappleng for web is .... Not exactly ideal for the target demographics that tend to use smart phones primarily. As for development of Yokai Masters, it will take a bit of time, possibly by the end of the month to complete.

Beta testers are welcome!
Who is the best girl?
YunYun or Wiz (Jappleng hasn't added another option help)
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New Friendship!
Who is the best girl?
YunYun or Wiz (Jappleng hasn't added another option help)
Do you love headpats?
Pat me senpai!!!!!
❤ 0
☰ 10d
Private beta of Yokai Masters is releasing tomorrow. smile
Do you love headpats?
Pat me senpai!!!!!
Who is the best girl?
YunYun or Wiz (Jappleng hasn't added another option help)
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